Obsolescence Notice - RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Obsolescence Notice: RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Obsolescence Notice: RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Comark Instruments announces the obsolescence of the RF500 Wireless Monitoring System products listed in the table below, effective from 15 July 2022. The product line has reached the end of its product life cycle due to component obsolescence and a change in regulatory guidelines. In line with Comark Instrument’s continuous development of a new and more advanced product, future development will focus on the new Diligence 600 WiFi Monitoring System, which is positioned to better meet current and future customer needs.

Comark Celebrating 60 Years 1961-2021

Celebrating 60 Years

We are celebrating 60 years of measuring and monitoring! We are really proud of our history and it’s exciting to look back over the last 60 years and map out the key moments from conception in 1961 by Mr Mills, who started the company with his wife and seven employees in Littlehampton, UK to the present day. Today we are a leading temperature measurement and monitoring brand for professionals across various verticals, seeking reliable, quality products that meet their developing needs. We’ve not just been reflecting on 60 years of product evolution and innovation this year, but also looking back at the corporate milestones that shaped the company in to the Fluke business it is today and have seen how our commitment to service, quality and industry standards have been the hallmarks of our business throughout that time. We’ve put … Read more

Legionella Managing The Risk in Buildings

Managing Legionella Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Legionella Risks Global outbreaks of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) have resulted in the compulsory closure of a number of large buildings such as schools, universities, leisure facilities and office blocks at a scale previously not seen. Now, as these buildings start to re-open after the imposed lockdown, there is a genuine risk that they could have become a breeding ground for another infection – Legionnaires’ disease (Legionella). The long periods of inactivity in buildings, a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, has greatly increased the risk of the Legionella pneumophilia bacteria developing in large water tanks and pipework. The bacteria survives in the biofilm that gathers on pipe and tank surfaces and likes to feed on the sludge and sediment that builds up there. Legionnaires’ disease, or Legionella as it is more commonly known, is caused by inhaling water droplets, via hot tubs, showers and … Read more

Comark at NRA 2019

Comark at NRA 2019 – Centennial Show

From May 19-21 you will find Comark at NRA 2019, celebrating not only a new range of Bluetooth thermometers and feature-rich food thermometers but also celebrating the National Restaurant Association’s centennial year! If you visit Comark at NRA 2019, at booth 3746, you will be able to see the latest range of hand-held Bluetooth food thermometers, which transmit their temperature data to our Comark Kitchen Checks App, installed on your mobile device or tablet. If you are looking for new ways in which to automate data collection and to avoid human error in the process, then you definitely need to swing by!     For most professionals attending NRA 2019, a food thermometer needs to be used in a specific and controlled manner and the temperature data collected at source. This makes a secure data transmission protocol such as Bluetooth … Read more

5 Temperature Safety Tips

5 Temperature Safety Tips

 Accurate measurement and control of temperature is critical to the quality and safety of food products. Throughout the supply chain of any food business there will be critical control points (CCPs) identified in the HACCP plan.  There will be temperature safety checks at each of the CCPs identified.  1. Why is temperature control important? Harmful bacteria are a hazard present in many foods handled in homes, food service and food processing businesses.  Growth can be controlled by keeping food hot or cold.  Harmful bacteria can be reduced or destroyed by cooking or reheating to the correct temperature. 2. Handling temperatures on receipt of goods When accepting deliveries of food quick temperature safety checks can be made with infrared thermometers.  These thermometers take surface temperatures and do not damage packs.  They are particularly useful for checking frozen goods which may be … Read more

Festive Safety Tips

Festive Safety Tips from Comark Instruments

Ho Ho Ho….It’s that time of year when everybody is getting into the festive and holiday Christmas spirit. Gathering with family & friends, exchanging gifts and enjoying the feast.  Food poisoning isn’t on anyone’s Christmas list, so make sure you only give people what they want this year – i.e. not food-poisoning! We’ve done all the hard work for you and put together some canny little Festive Safety Tips for you to follow   Keep things clean: Wash hands before and after handling any food. Wet or damp hands can spread bugs between food and surfaces! Wash all surfaces (cutting boards, dishes, utensils and countertops) before and after preparing each food item. Wash dishcloths and tea towels regularly, and let them dry before you use them again. Dirty, damp cloths are the perfect place for germs to spread. Don’t wash raw … Read more

C28/P21 Sous Vide Kit

Comark Instruments Releases New Sous Vide Kit

Comark Instruments has further revolutionized food monitoring technology with the introduction of the new Sous Vide Kit, bringing the executive cooking technique to busy kitchens and amateur chefs alike. Sous Vide cooking retains much of a food’s original flavor, texture, color and nutrients by slowly cooking in sealed vacuum bags in a temperature controlled water bath. While it takes more time than other cooking methods, food is tender and cooked perfectly. “Sous Vide Cooking has become the go-to technique for many executive chefs in restaurants and kitchens all over the world because it allows for precise temperature control throughout the cooking process,” says Michael Hall, product-marketing director for Comark Instruments. “Comark’s Sous Vide Kit is the perfect tool to ensure food will retain much of its original texture and flavor.” The Sous Vide Kit includes a Thermocouple Food Thermometer, MicroTip Penetration … Read more

english wine week

What is the mystery behind the perfect glass of wine?

English Wine Week Achieving perfection from your glass of wine can be a complex task.  At Comark we in temperature and humidity and we thought we would lend a helping hand and guide you to the perfect glass of wine after all it is English Wine Week! Storing of wine Historically, the storage of wine was handled by wine merchants.  However, since the 1950’s it has become more common for consumers to increasingly store their own wine. There are 3 factors that have the most direct impact on a wine’s condition, they are light, humidity and temperature.   Storing wine is easy but many make the mistake of storing white wine, red wine and Champagne in the same place and therefore at the same temperature. Wines are most often damaged by extreme fluctuations in temperature or movement. The correct temperature ensures the wine’s … Read more

Folding Thermometers British Bake Off

Spotted: Folding Thermometers on ‘The Great British Bake Off’™

Baking enthusiasts took note of most essential kitchen accessories that were on full display in Wednesday’s opening episode of BBC One’s “The Great British Bake Off” – including a folding thermometer. An estimated 9.3 million viewers tuned in for the season premiere to witness the first successes (and failures) of the competition, which pits 12 amateur bakers against one another to be named “Best Amateur Baker.” And if viewers are tuned in to the drama and decadent cakes, then producers are tuned into the latest in kitchen gadgets – like folding thermometers. Comark’s P125 Pocket Thermometer, or “Pocketherm,” is among the most popular food thermometer instruments for chefs. The functionality of a folding thermometer, like the Pocketherm, which uses color coded LEDs to indicate whether a product is frozen, chilled or cooked, was featured as the tool of choice among … Read more

Temperature Monitoring

The Future of Food Temperature Monitoring

From smoke houses and salt storage, to the early days of refrigeration, food storage technologies – and food safety solutions – have constantly improved. So what comes next in the life of temperature monitoring? The answer is automation. In recent years, temperature monitoring has relied largely on people. As with any manual task, human error can affect data consistency, quality and accuracy of that work, and in the case of monitoring, result in inadequate or unsafe conditions. With wireless and paperless temperature monitoring solutions from Comark, however, automation drastically reduces the chances for human error to occur. In addition to more accurate records, an automated system allows for constant monitoring, expectations that are far too time-consuming and costly to expect of a manual monitor. And with continuous auditing, HAACP compliance reporting and observation, facilities are alerted to the slightest fluctuation … Read more

Amidst Campylobacter Surge, Smart Temperature Monitoring Can Play Big Role in Food Safety Strategies

Food safety experts across the globe are taking action in response to an astounding surge in Campylobacter – a bacterium that can infect food and, when consumed by humans, cause fever, nausea, vomiting and a slew of other symptoms. Recent analyses in the United Kingdom and United States are particularly grim. More than 70 percent of chickens tested in the UK between February 2014 and February 2015 were contaminated with Campylobacter, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA). In the United States, Campylobacter infections in humans have increased more than 13 percent. With the UK’s Campylobacter infection rates being compared to the salmonella outbreak of the 1980s, government officials have charged poultry suppliers to make immediate improvements. Enhancing food-temperature safety strategies can be a key component to driving down infections that can fester and grow when food is processed, transported, … Read more

The New Online Portal by Comark Instruments Centralises Compliance, Product and Record-Keeping Strategies

A new Online Portal makes it easier for organisations to ensure their operations remain fully compliant with key temperature and humidity monitoring regulations. Comark is the world’s leading expert in temperature monitoring for the food, healthcare and other sectors, globally supplying more than 1 million precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless monitoring instruments each year. Due to its scale and reach, Comark is well positioned to link the global market into a unified portal that streamlines important industry information and product resources. “All of our temperature and humidity monitoring products and solutions are designed for high accuracy and efficiency, both of which are crucial components for the food, healthcare, life sciences, laboratory and other sectors we serve,” says Comark Director Product Marketing Mick Hall. “Unifying product and other information into a user-friendly portal is an extension of our commitment to … Read more