Kitchen Timers

The Comark range of simple and easy-to-use kitchen timers includes devices with both countdown and count up functionality – all round devices for use in food catering, food retail, food service and even food processing environments.

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The Comark Range of Kitchen Timers

Timers are a great addition to kitchen life, helping busy cooks to juggle various cooking times, but even just to ensure the humble boiled egg is cooked to perfection every time.

Countdown timers are particularly useful, due to the loud audible alarm that signals the time’s up, alerting you that action or intervention is required.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Timer for the Task

The right device will depend mostly on the functions that you wish it to perform. Most people require a countdown timer function, to alert them that the cooking time of a particular item is potentially up and that it is time to check its status.

A count up timer function can also be useful if you are trying out a new recipe for example, and want to measure how long its taken for it to cook through, exactly as you require it. Once recorded, the time taken to cook the item can then be used in the countdown timer for future batches.