Kitchen Timers

A range of simple and easy-to-use kitchen timers to complement our other range of portable devices, for use in food catering, food retail, food service and even food processing environments.

Part No: UTL884 (3061061)

Mechanical Long-Ring Timer

The UTL884 Mechanical Long-Ring Timer is an easy-to-use 60 minute timer, which has a long-ring bell alarm.

  • Long 3 Second Ring
  • Large Knob – Easy To Turn
  • Sloped Dial – Easier To View

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Part No: SWT2 (3060789)

Stopwatch and Timer

The SWT2 Stopwatch and Timer has been designed with busy food environments in mind.

  • Timer and Alarm
  • Built-in Memory Function
  • 18″ Cord

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Part No: ATT865 (3062710)

Replacement Probe for HLA1

The ATT865 Replacement Probe for the HLA1 is a 91cm stainless steel probe, which is heat resistant.

  • Probe Length: 91cm
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heat Resistant

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Part No: UTL264 (3061045)

Kitchen Countdown Timer

The UTL264 Kitchen Countdown Timer is designed with a large, user-friendly display and has an audible alarm buzzer, a magnetic clip and an easel stand.

  • Large Digit Display
  • Audible Alarm
  • Magnetic Clip and Stand

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Part No: UTL882 (3061050)

Kitchen Clock and Timer

The UTL882 Kitchen Clock and Timer has a magnetic pocket clip and stand and has a 24 hour countdown timer, memory timer and clock that operate separately.

  • Magnetic Pocket Clip and Stand
  • Countdown Timer, Memory Timer and Clock
  • Battery Included (AB13)

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Part No: HLA1 (3059637)

Cooking and Cooling Thermometer with Timer

The HLA1 Cooking and Cooling Thermometer with Timer provides a cost-effective option for HACCP compliance for both cooking and cooling. The device combines a timer with a thermometer.

  • Temperature Range: 14 to +392°F / -10°C to +200°C
  • Temperature and Time Alarms
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Probe


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