RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

monitor and measure what matters



Measure the temperature of your perishable assets with air and penetration probes or predict the temperature of your critical food and perishable samples by using a special simulant probe.

Use temperature probes to measure liquid nitrogen vessels to alert you when the liquid level drops.

Track any temperature changes in your incubators that are on programmed cycles, by using dynamic alarms, to only alarm when necessary.



If humidity is critical to your processes and you need to maintain certain levels of humidity in your working environment, then the RF500 wireless monitoring system has the options you need.

Choose the RF513 wireless transmitter for general purpose temperature/RH monitoring.

Choose the RF515 multi-parameter wireless transmitter and a high quality transducer for when humidity and dew point levels are vital to your operation.


Pressure Gauge

Perfect for anyone who is still reliant on old-fashioned, mechanical gauges for pressure monitoring. Especially if you need to know when the pressure differential between labs has reached a critical level.

The RF500 wireless system can measure your pressure levels with great accuracy and reliability.

It is also intelligent enough to only alarm when absolutely necessary, giving you a much needed early warning of any potential leak or other hazard.

door events

Door Events

We all know that leaving a fridge door open can cause the temperature to rise, impacting the quality of your goods. But what if the door is opened multiple times during the day, but never long enough to trip your ‘door open’ alarm? The RF500 can still alarm on these multiple occurrences, through summation, by adding events together, because we feel that they also have an impact.



Incubators are an essential part of tissue sample storage and the RF500 system will warn you when levels reach critical levels that may destroy precious, irreplaceable samples. We’ve teamed up with a leading UK supplier of CO2/O2/N2 sensors to provide you with accurate and reliable monitoring of your gas levels, ensuring samples are maintained in optimum condition.



If light is important to the growth of your plants, for example, but you still rely on handheld measurements, then use the RF500 system for 24/7 monitoring and out-of-hours alarms for when the light falls outside of planned levels. Use dynamic alarms to account for differing light levels during a 24 hour period, so that you are always assured of the correct levels.

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intelligent mesh networking

for the highest levels of data integrity

Established through powered transmitters, the intelligent mesh network enables the system to automatically adjust to any changes in the environment, re-routing signals as required to ensure that the data is always returned to the system gateway

intelligent mesh networking


fully scalable solution



manual checks

“…ensure any manual checks that you make on temperature and humidity a thing of the past. The RF500 system automatically reduces labour costs, eliminates errors and ensures complete records are maintained in accordance with regulatory requirements…”



“…in the event of readings falling outside pre-set limits, the system will send alarm notifications via screens, SMS*, email or voice to allow immediate corrective action to be taken. This can make all the difference in terms of saving your product and protecting your reputation…”

*Via an email to an SMS service such as Textmagic.com


automatic data recovery

automatic data retrieval

never lose a reading again!

In the event of a power failure, data is stored in our transmitters and then automatically transmitted to the system gateway as soon as the network is restored, resulting in continuous data. RF500 transmitters can store up to 32,000 readings, or approximately three months of data


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NHS England
NHS Wales
Public Health England
Dairy Crest
South West Water
AAH Pharmaceuticals
Thames Water


RF500 in action

RF500 Case Studies

read case studies from our industry partners

Learn more about how our RF500 wireless monitoring system has helped to prevent high-volume, high-value inventory spoilage and significant revenue loss and how it has also alleviated temperature monitoring concerns.


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industries & applications



Temperature and humidity conditions should be strictly monitored throughout the supply chain of pharmaceuticals to protect valuable product inventory and meet MHRA requirements. It is mandatory that temperature and humidity measurements are recorded so reliable data is available for quality and 21CFR Part 11 compliance. Audit trails and reports prove to MHRA and other auditing bodies that procedures are in place to reduce compliance risks.

At every point in the chain, precautions should be taken to minimise the effect of external conditions on the quality and stability of the product. Full IQ OQ PQ validation is also a requirement of many operating in this sector.



The healthcare industry relies heavily on temperature monitoring as it is regulated by bodies such as the MHRA and CPA, with laboratories operating to UKAS accreditation ISO/IEC 17025:2005. In order to comply with these regulations, robust audit trails must be in place. A reliable system must be in place to report that thermal cyclers, refrigerators, freezers, water baths and other equipment are operating within strict temperature parameters.

Automated monitoring of vaccines, pharmaceutical products, tissue stores, blood banks and any other biological samples, with alarms in the event of a failure, help staff operate to MHRA guidelines.

life sciences

Biotech &Life Sciences

Laboratories which are accredited to UKAS standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and those that are working to HTA guidelines, must all ensure that their refrigerators, freezers and incubators are maintained to very strict temperature levels. It is imperative that irreplaceable samples such as DNA, tissue and other biological matter are all stored in correct temperature controlled conditions and that any reagents and culture media are also similarly protected.

Organisations that are involved in life changing research and those wishing to safeguard criminal prosecutions, rely totally on these unique samples, so it is vital that they are protected by correct temperature monitoring.

food & drink


Busy food production companies need to comply with British Retail Consortium (BRC) legislation and meet the requirements of retailer or third party audits.

Keeping track of temperature records in HACCP plans can be time consuming and food business work to ever tighter margins. Wireless monitoring of temperature controlled storage areas 24/7 reduces labour time and the risk of errors.

Alarm notifications that prompt corrective actions help to meet BRC legislation and ensure temperatures are at optimum levels to avoid any food related health scares.



Product manufacture, where strict temperature and humidity tolerances need to be measured, can also benefit from wireless monitoring of the manufacturing environment.

The reliable monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions, is an important aspect of environmental monitoring.

If temperature and humidity in your working environment are not strictly monitored it can lead to a significant degradation in operational efficiency, as machinery and equipment become affected by adverse environmental conditions.



Healthcare professionals, in all clinical departments in hospitals, are subject to robust regulatory frameworks, based on hospital and MHRA, CPA, FDA, HTA, CQC and other organisational guidelines.

Budget efficiencies, as well as growing demands to do more with less in a heavily regulated environment, drive the need to automate the sort of temperature and humidity monitoring that is required for regulatory compliance.

Monitoring freezers, refrigerators, ultra-low temperature storage devices, incubators and room ambience is a priority as an undetected failure of a unit puts public health at risk and can have huge financial costs.



web-based user interface

Our intuitive web-based user interface offers users a quick and dynamic way to access and drill-down into the data from any device that is being monitored. Alarm notifications can be resolved more quickly, saving products, time and money.

The User Interface provides subscription-free, secure, multi-user access to data records and audit trails, from any web-browser enabled device. It is fully scalable to meet the demands of monitoring multiple devices across multiple sites, in line with your monitoring, data logging and compliance requirements.


manual checks

The RF500A wireless system gateway connects directly to your existing local area network permitting 24/7 single or multi-user access via your web-browser.

For 21 CFR part 11 compliance, a real-time audit trail, electronic signatures and data protection are all provided by the system.

In the event of readings falling outside pre-set limits, alarm notification via screens, SMS, email or voice contact immediately, so that action can be taken.


manual checks

The gateway includes local alarm notification LEDS, an internal buzzer, two additional alarm outputs for external devices and a USB port for initial set-up.

We offer the system gateway in versions powered via an external power supply or powered via PoE (power over ethernet).

The PoE version takes its power from a compatible network via the RJ45 cable, potentially saving you the need to install additional sockets.


All data is stored securely on your Network and not sent to the Cloud, meaning you have complete control over the system and the data with no third-party involvement.



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RF512 wireless temperature transmitter

wireless temperature transmitter

Used for general temperature and door switch monitoring in cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers, walk-ins and for industrial process temperature measurement.

Wireless, battery operated with up to two years’ battery life
Local LCD display for all readings and alarm notifications
Local LEDs for visual activity and alarm awareness
Internal sensor for ambient temperature monitoring
Large range of external air and penetration probes
Up to four channels including the door switch capability
Lumberg socket for reliable single or duplex probe connection
Door switch input for monitoring door open events
Removable antenna with hi-gain antenna upgrade option
Real (intelligent) mesh networking capable




RF513 wireless temperature and humidity transmitter

wireless temperature and humidity transmitter

Used for general temperature and humidity monitoring in workplaces or for industrial applications.

Wireless, battery operated with up to two years’ battery life
Local LCD display for all readings and alarm notifications
Local LEDs for visual activity and alarm awareness
Internal temperature and humidity sensors
Door switch input for monitoring door open events
Removable antenna with hi-gain antenna upgrade option
Real (intelligent) mesh networking capable



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RF515 multi-parameter wireless transmitter

multi-parameter wireless transmitter

Used for specialist applications in hospitals and laboratories.

Most commonly used for CO2 monitoring, as well as high-accuracy temperature and humidity in remote locations and pressure management in clean rooms.

Wireless, battery operated with up to two years’ battery life
Local LCD display for all readings and alarm notifications
Lumberg socket for reliable connection
Removable antenna with hi-gain antenna upgrade option
Real (intelligent) mesh networking capable




RF516 pt100 wireless temperature transmitter

pt100 wireless temperature transmitter

Used for high-accuracy temperature monitoring and low temperature measurement for liquid nitrogen monitoring.

Wireless, battery operated with up to two years’ battery life
Local LCD display for all readings and alarm notifications
Local LEDs for visual activity and alarm awareness
Internal sensor for ambient temperature monitoring
Door switch input for monitoring door open events
Removable antenna with hi-gain antenna upgrade option
Real (intelligent) mesh networking capable




remote temperature monitor

Used for general temperature and door switch monitoring in cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers, walk-ins and industrial process temperature management.

Monitor remote blood refrigerators using the RF542 remote monitor and a special blood bag/air probe.


Special networking transmitter for remote applications
Provides remote temperature monitoring where there is a local area network
Mains operated with additional battery back-up
Local LCD display for all readings and alarm notifications
Two channels via Lumberg socket for reliable single or duplex probe connection
Local LEDs for activity and alarm notifications



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Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Compliance with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Blood Safety and Quality Regulations – If you store blood and are bound by the MRHA Blood Safety and Quality Regulations then RF500 can help with the storage temperature component. In 2015, storage was the second largest individual error category.

RF500 is trusted widely within the NHS and Blood Services to monitor and give advance warning of issues with blood storage. This is especially important when the blood storage facilities are remote to the Pathology departments. Comark also makes special duplex air/blood probes designed specifically for monitoring your blood fridges.

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

BRC requirement for accredited certification for storage facilities and distributors – The BRC Global Standard for food safety is developed by food industry experts from retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations to ensure it is rigourous and detailed, yet easy to understand. First published in 1998, the Standard is now in its seventh issue.

It provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality, and the operational controls for these criteria in the food and food ingredient manufacturing, processing and packing industry. Comark Instruments can help you meet these requirements with our leading range of wireless and HACCP products.

Food Standards Agency (FSA)

Food Standards Agency (FSA) compliance with temperature control legislation – safer food, better business (SFBB) helps small businesses with food safety management procedures and food hygiene regulations including recording temperatures within food production, storage and display.

Simplify your food storage with an RF500 wireless monitoring system, trusted throughout the food industry to provide temperature monitoring compliant with FSA guidelines. Eliminate errors and ensure records are maintained in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Compliance with MHRA storage of refrigerated products – Following manufacture, some medicinal products need to be stored and transported at lower than ambient temperatures in order to assure their quality and efficacy. These are often referred to as ‘cold chain products’ or ‘fridge lines’.

Wholesale dealers are expected to store and distribute them in strict accordance with the product labelling requirements as stated in the EU GDP Guidelines. RF500 can help with this monitoring ensuring your cold chain products are stored at the right temperatures.

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why choose us?

We have over fifty years in the thermometer business …

… and twenty years’ experience selling wireless monitoring into your industry!

The RF500 wireless monitoring system from Comark is the culmination of twenty years of experience, first with wired solutions for food processing and then two versions of our first wireless system ‘Comark IceSpy’, which is still widely used throughout food and pharmaceutical applications.

Comark will provide complete peace of mind throughout the whole process. If necessary, your system can be professionally surveyed with a unique software tool to ensure that you can be confident that the system will work as expected and without any nasty surprises.

Comark has country-wide service engineer cover, for professional installations, on-site service and UKAS calibration to a high standard. Comark leaves nothing to chance when it comes to your data, you can be sure that RF500 will provide the features and benefits you expect from your monitoring system.

It should be noted that, as the RF500 system is designed to be self-managed, there are NO compulsory ongoing service charges on any of the Comark systems/equipment that would normally be taken into consideration when evaluating true cost of ownership.


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