RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

We will help you create an accurate, reliable and scalable real-time monitoring system, to ensure regulatory compliance and complete peace of mind, with an intelligent mesh network of wireless transmitters covering all of your points of measurement, linked to a central system gateway.

Our RF500 wireless transmitters send all of their data securely and reliably to a powerful local system gateway where historical data can be accessed and viewed.

The gateway will also allow you to centrally manage and task your network of sensors and configure any alerts you feel are necessary in order to make sure your perishable goods and samples remain within optimum storage conditions.

RF500 Mesh Network
Powerful Data Management

Powerful Data Management

Our intuitive web-based user interface offers users a quick and dynamic way to access and drill-down into the data from any device that is being monitored. Alarm notifications can be resolved more quickly, saving products, time and money.

The User Interface provides subscription-free, secure, multi-user access to data records and audit trails, from any web-browser enabled device. It is fully scalable to meet the demands of monitoring multiple devices across multiple sites, in line with your monitoring, data logging and compliance requirements.


Wireless System Gateway

At the heart of the RF500 wireless monitoring system is the wireless system gateway – a powerful device with all the features you expect from a comprehensive monitoring device.

No specialist software is required as the system gateway contains a powerful web-server which provides a user interface in the form of web pages. All of the set-up pages and data viewing is via your web-browser on your PC or laptop.

RF500A Wireless System Gateway


NHS Scotland Teaching Hospital

Read how our RF500 wireless temperature monitoring solution helped to alleviate temperature monitoring concerns for a 900-bed teaching hospital operated by one of NHS Scotland’s 14 regional health boards, serving a population of more than 600,000 people.



Comark’s RF500 wireless monitoring solution prevents high-volume, high-value inventory spoilage and significant revenue loss for VH Bio, a leading supplier and distributor for the life sciences industry within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.