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C28/P21 Sous Vide Kit

Comark Instruments Releases New Sous Vide Kit

Comark Instruments has further revolutionized food monitoring technology with the introduction of the new Sous Vide Kit, bringing the executive cooking technique to busy kitchens and amateur chefs alike. Sous Vide cooking retains much of a food’s original flavor, texture, color and nutrients by slowly cooking in sealed vacuum bags in a temperature controlled water bath. […]

Real Bread Week – Get Kneading!!

Whether you bake bread at home or in a commercial environment REAL BREAD WEEK is for you.  It’s the annual celebration aimed at supporting local, independent Real Bread Bakery as well as baking your own at home. So for those of you who may be joining in for the first time or looking to perfect […]

Real Bread Week

RF542 Remote Temperature Monitor

Temperature Data Network Logger with Alarms

The Comark RF542 temperature data monitor collects real-time temperature data via Ethernet connection on to the existing local area network (LAN). These LAN temperature data monitors can be used in conjunction with Comark’s RF500 Wireless Monitoring Range to extend the flexibility of the system even further with a mix of wireless and network data collection. Alternatively, for operations with several small […]

Igloo invests in Comark’s RF500 Wireless Monitoring

Igloo Thermo Logistics was established with the goal of making emergency medical transport services and pharmaceutical deliveries more efficient and reliable than ever before. As part of their ongoing service commitment to customers they have invested in wireless temperature monitoring for their refrigerated storage facilities, installing the RF500 system from Comark Instruments at their depot in Watford, further […]

NHSBT contract for temperature monitoring

Contract with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and Comark Instruments have entered into a 2 year framework agreement to supply all NHSBT sites in the UK with the N2011 and N2014 loggers from Comark’s Diligence EV range.  Probes and UKAS calibration are also supplied as part of the contract.   There is an option to extend the agreement […]

Comark C22 Food Thermometer now meets EN13485:2002

Comark’s best-selling C22 food thermometer has been improved in response to European Standard EN13485:2002.   The standard dictates that all temperature monitoring instruments used in the transport, warehousing and storage of Quick Frozen Foodstuffs comply and furthermore, documents must be kept to prove that the instruments comply. The C22 food thermometer is fully compliant, rated dust and waterproof to IP65, […]

Thermometer for cold chain applications

Folding Pocket Thermometer

Pocketherm Food Thermometer is now available in HACCP colours

It’s fast, it folds and it bleeps!  Safe and convenient to use, this food thermometer has a fold-out probe and in response to customer requests, it is now available in red, green, yellow and orange in addition to the original blue label. Pocketherm has instant visual and audible indication of correct frozen, chilled and cooked temperature zones.  […]

USDA Approves Comark RF500 Wireless System for use in Cold Treatment

The Comark RF500 Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is approved by the USDA’s Treatment Quality Assurance Unit for use in data collection for Cold Treatment of imported produce. To prevent introduction of Mediterranean fruit flies, Asian longhorned beetles, and other such pests into the United States, all imported produce must be quarantined and processed according to […]

USDA reccomends Comark Wireless