Comark Warranty

Our Statement

All Comark instruments have a minimum one year warranty unless otherwise stated. The warranty for temperature probes is six months and all other probes are unwarranted because the conditions of use are beyond our control. The Comark Warranty covers manufacturing defects and component failure and applies worldwide. In line with our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to alter any product specifications without notice. Comark has an accredited UKAS (NIST equivalent) calibration laboratory for temperature and humidity measurement and offers full service and recalibration facilities.

Comark Instruments are committed to providing quality and affordable products to the food service industry. Our thermometers and humidity testers bring speed, accuracy and reliability to the transport, testing and storing of food under HACCP guidelines. A large variety of products, a well-trained staff, and a commitment to customer satisfaction mean you can come to us for answers to all your temperature measurement needs!

Return an Item for Repair

To return an item for repair or replacement (terms and conditions apply) or due to an incorrect description please refer to our Product Returns Page by Clicking Here.