Comark Instruments Releases New Sous Vide Kit

Comark Instruments has further revolutionized food monitoring technology with the introduction of the new Sous Vide Kit, bringing the executive cooking technique to busy kitchens and amateur chefs alike.

Sous Vide cooking retains much of a food’s original flavor, texture, color and nutrients by slowly cooking in sealed vacuum bags in a temperature controlled water bath. While it takes more time than other cooking methods, food is tender and cooked perfectly.

“Sous Vide Cooking has become the go-to technique for many executive chefs in restaurants and kitchens all over the world because it allows for precise temperature control throughout the cooking process,” says Michael Hall, product-marketing director for Comark Instruments. “Comark’s Sous Vide Kit is the perfect tool to ensure food will retain much of its original texture and flavor.”

The Sous Vide Kit includes a Thermocouple Food Thermometer, MicroTip Penetration Probe and Foam Tape. The FDA-approved tape is specifically designed to allow a micro-thin tipped probe through and penetrate the food inside the bag, but to then re-seal when the probe is removed. This way the probe can accurately measure the temperature of the food without creating a leak.

The cooking temperature during the Sous Vide process varies depending on the type of meat or vegetable as well as personal taste. Comark’s kit provides precise temperature control, ensuring the finished product is cooked perfectly.

“Comark continues to provide innovative tools and monitoring solutions for professionals in the food service industry,” says Lika Dutta, general manager for Comark Instruments. “The new Sous Vide Kit is the perfect tool to complement the Sous Vide cooking process, and Comark is proud to contribute to this cutting edge cooking method.”