C28/P21 Sous Vide Kit

Sous Vide Cooking with Comark Instruments

The Sous Vide cooking method has recently taken the restaurant industry by storm – and is even becoming popular among home kitchens. So, what exactly is Sous Vide cooking? Sous Vide is a method of slow cooking in which food is cooked in vacuum sealed bags, submerged in a constant temperature-controlled water bath. This technique of cooking the food inside vacuum sealed bags ensures the food will stay juicy and tender. The temperature controlled method of this style of cooking is another unique feature providing a tasty outcome for chefs and diners, as the food cooks at the constant desired temperature all the way through. This temperature is achievable and monitored with the help of Comark’s Sous Vide Kit. This method of cooking has become so popular among restaurants, chefs and home kitchens because different temperatures of the water baths (by even just one … Read more