Pocket Digital Food Thermometers

The Comark pocket digital thermometer range has been designed for a variety of applications, where a mobile and flexible temperature monitoring solution is required.

The defining feature of a pocket digital thermometer, is that the sensor or probe is attached directly to the body of the device. Pen style thermometers have a slim, compact case and a safety cover, that fits over the probe when not in use. On folding thermometers, the probe itself can be extended from the instrument at a comfortable angle for use, then clipped against the main body of the thermometer for safe storage and transport.

The Comark range of Pocket Digital Thermometers all use a Thermistor sensor

Features of Comark Pocket Digital Thermometers

Comark pocket digital thermometers come in a range of designs and with a wide variety of features to cover every eventuality.

Our pocket digital thermometers typically feature large easy to read displays and, as the name suggests, can fit easily into most pockets. Perfect for chefs, food safety inspectors, and food production lines.

Below is a breakdown of the features available through the Comark range of thermometers and temperature sensors. Not every feature is available on every model. Please refer to the product description and data sheet of the individual thermometer you are considering for the exact feature set and specifications.

Fast Response Times

Comark’s pocket digital thermometers are ideal in situations where a fast and repeatable mobile temperature measuring solution is called for.

Fast response time food temperature sensors are ideal for when customer service and efficiency is required without compromising accuracy.


The contact tip is the sensor end of a thermometer probe. This tip is placed against or pushed into the food or other substance to be tested. Probes are differentiated by their tip width and the specific working temperature range and accuracy resolution of the device.

Some models have a 1.5mm thin tip probe which is perfect for thin foods such as burgers or patties.
For safety, the probe is hinged to the main body or covered with a protective case when not in use (model dependent).

The temperature range that any thermometer can accurately work to is clearly marked in the description of each product.

Waterproof Options

Those thermometers labelled as waterproof can be used in damp or wet environments. Those labelled with IP68 waterproof standard are capable of being submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.


Many of our pocket digital thermometers can be calibrated in the field. There are two standard methods for this process. The nut method or the crushed ice solution. We have a guide for both methods of thermometer calibration here;

Comark Thermometers

The Comark range of food thermometers includes high quality precision thermometers, dials, pocket digitals, non-contact infrared thermometers as well as hand-held thermometers with detachable probes.

Comark Instruments has over 50 years’ experience as a leading, international manufacturer of high quality, precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless monitoring solutions, supplying over one million instruments each year.