Comark at NRA 2019

Comark at NRA 2019 – Centennial Show

From May 19-21 you will find Comark at NRA 2019, celebrating not only a new range of Bluetooth thermometers and feature-rich food thermometers but also celebrating the National Restaurant Association’s centennial year! If you visit Comark at NRA 2019, at booth 3746, you will be able to see the latest range of hand-held Bluetooth food thermometers, which transmit their temperature data to our Comark Kitchen Checks App, installed on your mobile device or tablet. If you are looking for new ways in which to automate data collection and to avoid human error in the process, then you definitely need to swing by!     For most professionals attending NRA 2019, a food thermometer needs to be used in a specific and controlled manner and the temperature data collected at source. This makes a secure data transmission protocol such as Bluetooth … Read more

Checklist Day: Four Steps to a Safe and Paperless Kitchen

The paperless kitchen is the modern choice for ensuring that compliance standards are met, and maintaining a safe kitchen – free from food-borne illness. In honor of Checklist Day – a holiday dating back to the 1930s when pilots fist began implementing a safety checklist prior to taxiing down the runway – Comark is providing a list of how, by incorporating the HAACP Touch HT100, chefs can rest assured their dishes meet compliance and food safety standards. Before you begin to prepare the day’s meals, check data recorded by the HAACP Touch. It collects, records and stores daily temperatures of items. This paperless data management tool simplifies and automates the important daily steps that can lead to food-safety disaster if not properly maintained. Check temperatures regularly. As food moves through the cooking process – from prep to cooking and holding … Read more

Temperature Monitoring

The Future of Food Temperature Monitoring

From smoke houses and salt storage, to the early days of refrigeration, food storage technologies – and food safety solutions – have constantly improved. So what comes next in the life of temperature monitoring? The answer is automation. In recent years, temperature monitoring has relied largely on people. As with any manual task, human error can affect data consistency, quality and accuracy of that work, and in the case of monitoring, result in inadequate or unsafe conditions. With wireless and paperless temperature monitoring solutions from Comark, however, automation drastically reduces the chances for human error to occur. In addition to more accurate records, an automated system allows for constant monitoring, expectations that are far too time-consuming and costly to expect of a manual monitor. And with continuous auditing, HAACP compliance reporting and observation, facilities are alerted to the slightest fluctuation … Read more