Customer Support

Customer Support

Comark is here to help you wherever you are in the World, either directly or through our expert Distributors and Resellers . The help we provide is tailored to your needs. Comark offers a wide range of different Support Services depending on the product and your location.

If you have any questions we strive to answer them here on the Website so that you don’t have to go any further. Please start by clicking on one of the links below or searching for your question by using the website search facility.

Please note that many of the answers to your questions will be here, but if you are looking for specific product help you will need to be logged in to the website in order to gain access to the wealth of additional information we provide via knowledge base articles.

In the UK Comark additionally offers a wide range of On-Site Services for RF500 customers, including Health Check Visits, Training and UKAS certification, as well as Service Level Agreements and Extended Warranty Options.


For more information on UKAS Certification, on-site services and regional product training opportunities

Product Returns

For more information on our returns policy, specific to your chosen location

General Support

For moreĀ information on how to buy, our delivery charges, as well as our terms and conditions and contact details