Food Storage and Distribution

Food Storage and Distribution

Food Storage and Distribution

Manufacturers and producers require a supply chain operation (including food storage and distribution) that runs smoothly to ensure they can meet the requirements of their customers, getting perfect products delivered in excellent condition.  Recently, those in the UK food supply chain have seen the sector become more challenging as pressure from retailers has seen a general passing of cost reductions through the supply chain to producers and their service agents.

For those working in storage and distribution centers for food and drink manufacturing and grocery retail, temperature controlled storage has never been as important.   They now find themselves managing the growth in smaller, more frequent deliveries demanded as supermarkets and similar business look to reduce their inventory costs.  As a result, food storage and distribution businesses are looking at efficiencies throughout their own operations.

The procedures and systems required for maintenance of the cold chain mean the equipment such as wireless temperature monitoring systems has become more important to keep products at optimum storage temperatures.  By keeping warehouses and storage areas within set temperature limits, supply chain operations can drive up efficiency, avoiding breaches in storage temperatures and saving money.  Automated temperature data collection reduces labor costs and the risk of human error, further increasing efficiencies that can be made.

As specialists in temperature measurement, the Comark Team are conversant with the requirements of European Hygiene Regulations.  They offer on-site advice on how to install temperature monitoring systems, drawing on the experience of many installations in similar businesses.

The following product ranges are recommended for this Market:

FPP Food Pro Plus

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers allow you to measure the temperature of on object without making physical contact with it, by measuring the Infrared radiation emitted by the object. This can be safer and more hygienic than traditional thermometers which rely on a probe making physical contact with object under examination, which can be a slow process, especially if the probe requires cleaning after each test.

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DT400 Pocket Thermometer with Thin Tip

Pocket Digital Thermometers

Designed for today’s busy professional and home kitchens, our range of Pocket Digital Thermometers are here to help!

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C20 Professional Food Thermometer

Food Thermometers

Designed for today’s busy restaurant kitchens, food processing facilities and storage areas, Comark’s range of Food Thermometers and related temperature and humidity instruments lead the industry. Whether it’s a waterproof C42 Food Thermometer, a PDT300C, or a Food Pro Infrared thermometer, Comark has a solution to fit your budget.

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RF300 WiFi Monitoring System

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Comark offers a range of static wireless temperature monitoring solutions for logging both temperature and also humidity data, using small battery-operated data loggers with a cloud-based platform. Find out more and see which solution works best for your needs.

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