Customer Support


The services on offer from Comark will vary from country to country. This page will automatically show the services available to you for your chosen country.

UKAS Calibration Service

Please click on the UKAS Calibration Link for more details of the Comark UKAS Calibration Service. This service is also available On-Site in the UK

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Please click on the Service Level Agreement link for more details on the SLA service from Comark

RF500 System Health Check

Please click on the RF500 System Health Check link for more details of the Comark System Health Check from Comark

RF500 Extended Warranty

Please Click on the RF500 Extended Warranty link for more details

Product Training and Website Account

Online Support (Via the website you are looking at) – If logged in comprehensive information via knowledgebase articles are available on many Comark products. Please Click on the Product Training and Customer Website link for more details Product Training and the personalised Customer Website