Real Bread Week

Real Bread Week – Get Kneading!!

Whether you bake bread at home or in a commercial environment REAL BREAD WEEK is for you.  It’s the annual celebration aimed at supporting local, independent Real Bread Bakery as well as baking your own at home. So for those of you who may be joining in for the first time or looking to perfect your loaf, here are a few tips to help you on your way: Keep an eye on the temperature of the dough Aim for around 24⁰C/75⁰F Use warm water in the winter and cold water in the summer to get your dough to the right temperature Temperature of the water depends on the temperature of your room and the temperature of the other ingredients Use a thermometer to check your dough temperature Try to keep the dough at a stable temperature throughout the fermenting (proving/proofing) … Read more

Folding Thermometers British Bake Off

Spotted: Folding Thermometers on ‘The Great British Bake Off’™

Baking enthusiasts took note of most essential kitchen accessories that were on full display in Wednesday’s opening episode of BBC One’s “The Great British Bake Off” – including a folding thermometer. An estimated 9.3 million viewers tuned in for the season premiere to witness the first successes (and failures) of the competition, which pits 12 amateur bakers against one another to be named “Best Amateur Baker.” And if viewers are tuned in to the drama and decadent cakes, then producers are tuned into the latest in kitchen gadgets – like folding thermometers. Comark’s P125 Pocket Thermometer, or “Pocketherm,” is among the most popular food thermometer instruments for chefs. The functionality of a folding thermometer, like the Pocketherm, which uses color coded LEDs to indicate whether a product is frozen, chilled or cooked, was featured as the tool of choice among … Read more

Pocketherm 125 Spotted on BBC’s Kew on a Plate

The Comark Pocketherm 125 was recently spotted on the BBC’s new show, “Kew on a Plate.” In the show, Chef Raymond Blanc explores the centuries-old practice of kitchen gardens that yielded vegetables for British royalty. In the series, he spends a year in the botanical gardens at Kew cooking up a delectable series of dishes that boast a variety of fresh produce. In the second episode, Chef Raymond creates an elegant gooseberry cheesecake, topped with a green gooseberry jelly, and served with a red gooseberry compote. A delicate Italian meringue is a key ingredient to the dessert. To make the meringue, hot sugar syrup must be heated to 121 degrees. Chef Raymond utilises the Comark Pocketherm 125 to carefully check the temperature before moving on to the next step. Professional chefs turn to the Comark Pocketherm 125 for quick checks … Read more