Obsolescence Notice: RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Obsolescence Notice: RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Comark Instruments announces the obsolescence of the RF500 Wireless Monitoring System products listed in the table below, effective from 15 July 2022. The product line has reached the end of its product life cycle due to component obsolescence and a change in regulatory guidelines. In line with Comark Instrument’s continuous development of a new and more advanced product, future development will focus on the new Diligence 600 WiFi Monitoring System, which is positioned to better meet current and future customer needs.

The Key Milestones for this product obsolescence are:

  1. Formal customer notification begins 15 July 2022
  2. Final customer order date for new systems: 30 December 2022
  3. Final customer order date for system expansion 31 December 2023, subject to sufficient stock
  4. Last date of support: 31 December 2024.

Please note that Comark Instruments will make every effort to meet customer requirements during this transition period but does reserve the right to limit last time buy quantities based on capacity and material availability. If you have any questions about this obsolescence, please do not hesitate to contact your local Comark Instruments sales representative or authorized distributors.

Affected Parts

Distributor Parts

Part NumberDescriptionObsolescence Date
RF500 C18221Battery Pack (Single)30 December 2022
RF500 TA18100RFProgrammed Radio Board for Gateway30 December 2022
RF500 TA20052RF500A Programmed Control Board30 December 2022
RF500 TC20183RF500A Programmed SD Card30 December 2022
RF51X TA18100TXProgrammed Radio Board for Transmitter30 December 2022

RF500 Hardware Parts – Available to all customer types

Part NumberDescriptionObsolescence Date
RF500ARF500A Gateway30 December 2022
RF512Temperature Transmitter30 December 2022
RF512MRF512 Meshing Transmitter Kit30 December 2022
RF513RH / Temp. Transmitter30 December 2022
RF513MRF513 Meshing Transmitter Kit30 December 2022
RF515RF515 Transmitter, 4-20ma30 December 2022
RF515ARF515 Adapter30 December 2022
RF515KITRF515 and RF515A Kit30 December 2022
RF516PT100 Transmitter30 December 2022
RF542RF542 Network Transmitter30 June 2022
RF500APSLRF500A PSU Fig 8 Mains Lead30 December 2022
RF502RF500 Bridging Unit (500 mm)30 December 2022
RF503RF500 Bridging Unit (1000 mm)30 December 2022
RF504RF500 High Gain Antenna30 December 2022
RF523Auto Dialler30 December 2022
KX9539GSM Auto Dialler30 December 2022
RF524RF500 Siren/Beacon30 December 2022
RF525RF51X Activator30 December 2022
RF526/PSmall Waterproof Box Pro Hole30 December 2022
RF527Large Waterproof Box30 December 2022
RF527/PLarge Waterproof Bx Pro Hole30 December 2022
RF5280.5 m RF500 Antenna Extension30 December 2022
RF5291.0 m RF500 Antenna Extension30 December 2022
RF542BATTLithium RF542 Transmitter Battery30 December 2022

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