The Future of Food Temperature Monitoring

From smoke houses and salt storage, to the early days of refrigeration, food storage technologies – and food safety solutions – have constantly improved.

So what comes next in the life of temperature monitoring? The answer is automation.

In recent years, temperature monitoring has relied largely on people. As with any manual task, human error can affect data consistency, quality and accuracy of that work, and in the case of monitoring, result in inadequate or unsafe conditions.

With wireless and paperless temperature monitoring solutions from Comark, however, automation drastically reduces the chances for human error to occur. In addition to more accurate records, an automated system allows for constant monitoring, expectations that are far too time-consuming and costly to expect of a manual monitor.

And with continuous auditing, HAACP compliance reporting and observation, facilities are alerted to the slightest fluctuation in temperature, an essential component to reducing the risk of compromised products and spoilage. Digitally archived reports are easy to reference and track over time. They also create an audit trail should any regulatory questions arise.

With a Comark temperature monitoring solution, precision and efficiency are dramatically improved. Facility managers also find peace of mind knowing temperatures are safely and accurately aligned with regulatory standards. Click here to learn more about Comark wireless monitoring solutions.