USDA Approves Comark RF500 Wireless System for use in Cold Treatment

The Comark RF500 Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is approved by the USDA’s Treatment Quality Assurance Unit for use in data collection for Cold Treatment of imported produce.

To prevent introduction of Mediterranean fruit flies, Asian longhorned beetles, and other such pests into the United States, all imported produce must be quarantined and processed according to standards set by USDA.

The “CT” or Cold Treatment process, is one of such treatments being monitored by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine, and the Center for Plant Health Science and Technology  (APHIS, PPQ, CPHST).

The process involves holding of produce at a set temperature range for a specified time window.

The USDA specifies instrument accuracy and data collection qualifications for equipment used to document that the Cold Treatment procedure has been completed accurately.  They test, approve, and publish a listing of procedures and equipment which meets the USDA Standard for this application.

The Comark RF500 Wireless System offers sensor portability, extreme accuracy, and immediate notification of unexpected temperature changes. The system settings can be managed via desktop and smart-phone.  Temperature data is collected and protected, even during a power outage.  Alarm notifications can be received via email, cell phones or pagers so prompt action can be taken to protect costly stock.

Up to 64 high-accuracy RF516 transmitters can collect temperature data and report wirelessly to a single Gateway data base.

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