NAFEM 2019

New Bluetooth Thermometer launch at NAFEM 2019. Comark Instruments is launching its latest Bluetooth™ product innovation at The NAFEM 2019 Show, February 7-9, 2019 in Orlando, Florida, the BT4x Bluetooth Thermocouple Food Thermometer. Visit Booth 854 to see how the Comark range can automate the temperature data collection required for today’s Wireless HACCP and Food Safety plans. The new Comark BT4x Bluetooth Food Thermometer is designed for all food service operations to quickly, safely and effectively monitor critical temperatures for deliveries, storage, cooking, cooling and hot holding, through to final serving. The Comark BT4x Bluetooth Food Thermometer has all the features of the best-selling C2x Thermometer but now incorporates recording via Bluetooth to eliminate the need for paper record keeping. Following the earlier launch of the BT25x Bluetooth Pocketherm™ Fold-Out Thermometer last year, it became clear that customers welcomed the … Read more

What is HACCP?

How Does HACCP Protect You and Your Food?

What does HACCP mean? How does it safeguard your food? What are the obligations placed on the food industry to ensure compliance?   HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. Let’s look at this food safety system and see how it works. Set up by the European Union HACCP has been mandatory in the food industry since 2006, HACCP origins date back to the 1960’s space program where it was decided early in the process that maintaining food for prolonged periods of time in space was essential. It was defined as an overview more than ten years before that by the World Health Organisation’s Codex Alimentarius Commission.   The principles behind HACCP are best described as PDCA. Plan, Do, Check Act. A terminology that should be familiar to those familiar with process control. This means that for most businesses … Read more

New Kitchen Checks PRO

Comark Instruments Launches New Comark Kitchen Checks

 (7 February, 2017) – Comark Instruments is continuing its commitment to raise the standards in food safety with the launch of the new Comark Kitchen Checks App and Bluetooth Pocketherm – a waterproof folding pocket thermometer with Bluetooth capabilities. “Comark has been a global leader in providing high-quality precision thermometers, data loggers and monitoring solutions for more than 50 years. The introduction of the New Comark Kitchen Checks, Comark Kitchen Checks App and Bluetooth Pocketherm strengthens our position as an industry leader by delivering compliant-focused capabilities that help automate many manual procedures while simultaneously improving food and consumer safety.” Lika Dutta, General Manager, Comark Instruments. “Our innovative products bring new levels of safety and efficiency to kitchens across the food-service industry. The Comark Kitchen Checks App connects to the Comark Cloud to ensure greater security and expanded recording capabilities. And … Read more

The HACCP Standard

The HACCP Standard: Maintaining Food Safety

When it comes to safety within the food industry, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the standard for an effective and rational means of assuring food safety from harvest to consumption, according to the FDA. Developing your HACCP plan is vital to maintaining compliance, as well as ensuring your consumers’ safety. By establishing a written procedure across the supply chain, members of the food industry minimize the risk of food safety hazards. These critical control points can vary across HACCP plans and will depend upon your role in the food preparation process, but may include receiving, cold storage, thawing, preparing, cooking, reheating or during transport, according to Calver Health. The limits represent the point at which product falls out of a “safe range,” like a minimum temperature for reheating or the quality of packaging. And while monitoring … Read more

NRA Show 2016

Explore Comark’s Newest Products at NRA Show 2016 in Chicago

From May 21 – 24, Comark will be at the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show 2016 at McCormick Place in Chicago for the largest single gathering of restaurant, food service and lodging professionals. Join us at Stand 3348 to learn more about our most recent innovations in high quality, precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless monitoring solutions. The Comark Team – including our recently appointed GM, Lika Dutta – will be on hand to discuss products like the newly introduced HACCP Touch, the easy and cost-effective system that enables food service professionals to collect, record and store daily temperatures of critical items as they are prepped, cooked and held. Additionally, food service professionals can learn about the Allergen Thermometer, which is color-coded for food allergy procedures in kitchens that regularly handle milk, nuts, fish and other allergens. Comark representatives will … Read more

Foodservice Industry Must Take Customer Safety More Seriously

Foodservice Industry Must Take Customer Safety More Seriously

More than 10 million people fall ill each year from infectious intestinal disease in the U.K., according to the most recent data from the Food Standards Agency – resulting in approximately 280,000 cases from Campylobacter alone. Recommended temperatures and policies are in place to help the foodservice industry combat this important public health issue, but that’s only one step for which foodservice providers must account in the supply chain. It is equally important to consistently maintain recommended temperatures in storage and prep areas to truly maximize safety precautions. The good news is the food industry now has more robust technology and improved temperature-monitoring instruments than ever before to help protect customers from dangerous illnesses. Integrating these resources into a comprehensive safety strategy will help drive higher safety standards, as well as compliance with industry regulations. Additionally, foodservice professionals who turn … Read more