P125W Waterproof Pocketherm Folding Thermometer

Comark Instruments Launches Waterproof Folding Pocket Thermometer to Improve Food Safety Measurement

Comark Instruments continues to raise the bar in monitoring solutions and food safety across the supply chain with the introduction of the Waterproof Pocketherm food thermometer, featuring flashing LEDs and a buzzer to provide instant and reliable temperature recognition. “The Waterproof Pocketherm’s ability to withstand water makes it easier than ever to closely monitor food temperatures and comply with safety regulations in busy kitchen environments” says Michael Hall, Product Marketing Director for Comark Instruments. “The Pocketherm takes the pain out of frequent quality control checks and HACCP monitoring in the food service industry.”   “Comark once again delivers an innovative and effective tool to the monitoring solutions market,” says Lika Dutta, General Manager for Comark Instruments. “The launch of the Waterproof Pocketherm addresses an unmet need in the quick frozen food industry. Its waterproof design and accuracy makes it the … Read more