KM28/P5 Food Thermometer Kit

Part No: KM28/P5 (3059816)

The KM28/P5 Food Thermometer Kit comprises a KM28B Thermocouple Food Thermometer (Type K) fitted with a CRS/5 Protective Boot, as well as a PK19M Thin Tip Penetration Probe* and an AC315 Soft Carry Case.

  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +482°F / -40°C to +250°C*
  • Sub-Miniature Connector
  • Supplied with Protective Boot, Carry Case and PK19M Penetration Probe
  • Warranty: Please refer to individual components


KM28/P5 Food Thermometer Kit

The KM28/P5 Food Thermometer Kit comprises a KM28B Thermocouple Food Thermometer (Type K) fitted with a CRS/5 Protective Boot, as well as a PK19M Thin Tip Penetration Probe and an AC315 Soft Carry Case.

KM28B Thermocouple Food Thermometer (Type K)The KM28B Thermocouple Food Thermometer (Type K) is an accurate, hard-wearing instrument with a large temperature range, ideal for an industrial food manufacture or commercial kitchen setting. It is supplied with a CRS/5 Protective Rubber Boot.
 PK19M Thin Tip Penetration Probe

The PK19M Thin Tip Penetration Probe is a Type K Thermocouple probe, fitted with a 1m curly cable.

 Soft Carry Case AC415

The AC315 Soft Carry Case is designed for the KM28B Thermocouple Food Thermometer and is of durable construction with an integrated carry strap.

*Refers to the temperature range of the Thermometer with Probe. For full range specification of the Thermometer please refer to the Technical Specifications Tab of the Thermometer.

Technical Specifications

Sensor TypeType K Thermocouple
Connector Type2-Pin Sub-Miniature
Temperature Measurement Range-40°C to +250°C / -40°F to +482°F*
Scales°C and °F
Operating Temperature Range0°C to 50°C / +32°F to +122°F
Instrument Accuracy at 23°C (73°F)-30°C to +110°C, ±1°C / -22°F to +230°F, ±2°F
Full range ±3% of reading
Displayed Resolution+190°C, 1° above / 0.1° to +374°F
Battery Type9V IEC 6LF22 alkaline
Battery Life300 hours
CertificationsCE, RoHS, WEEE
WarrantyPlease refer to individual components

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Articles / FAQs

Why is my KM28B displaying ‘OL’?

Why is my KM28B displaying ‘OL’?

If you own a KM28/KM28B Thermocouple Food Thermometer and it is displaying ‘OL’ on the LCD Screen, as shown below, this could be for a couple of reasons.

Why is my KM28 displaying 'OL'?

The ‘OL’ message will appear if your KM28/KM28B Thermocouple Food Thermometer is turned on without a Probe connected via the device’s sub-miniature connection.

If a suitable probe has been connected via the sub-miniature connection on the front of the device and the ‘OL’ error is still being displayed, then this can indicate a fault with the connected probe.

In this instance we would recommend that the probe in question is disconnected from the device and a new or alternate probe is connected instead.

Should the ‘OL’ error message persist, despite alternate probes being connected and tried, then the Thermometer(s) in question will need to be returned to our Service Department for repair.

Please click here to visit our page for instructions on returning items for repair.

10th November 2015
My Device is showing unrealistic temperature readings

My Device is showing unrealistic temperature readings

If you have set up your Device correctly, inserted a Sub-Miniature Connector Probe into your Device and taken a temperature reading, only to discover that the temperature recorded is vastly different to that which was expected, then it may be that the Probe Connector was in fact inserted incorrectly.

The Sub-Miniature Connector on all Comark Probes has two prongs, one slightly larger than the other. These prongs are also marked as positive (+) and negative (-) on the cable head itself, as shown below.


The prongs correspond to two similarly shaped slots on the Device, one slightly larger than the other.

In some cases, it may be possible to force the prongs of the Sub-Miniature Cable Connector in the wrong way around. If this is done then the symptoms would be as described above, recorded temperatures that are vastly different to those which were expected.


To resolve such an issue, simply unplug the Sub-Miniature Cable Connector, check the prong orientation and then re-insert.

  • Small Slot = Positive
  • Large Slot = Negative


4th June 2015