BioCote Antimicrobial Protection

We have reduced hygiene risks by adding BioCote Antimicrobial Protection to our top selling temperature measurement instruments, including our hand-held food thermometers and data loggers. Use these products to check and monitor safe temperatures for food and other temperature sensitive materials throughout manufacture and the supply chain, in the knowledge that the instruments and probes themselves contribute to the fight against harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

How BioCote Antimicrobial Protection Works

‘Antimicrobial’ is simply a term used to describe a material that has the ability to resist the growth of microbes. Whilst the term ‘antibacterial’ only explicitly refers to bacteria, ‘antimicrobial’ refers to a wider range of organisms, which includes bacteria, fungi and mould etc.

The silver-based BioCote Antimicrobial Protection releases silver ions from the surface of any material that has been coated or impregnated with it. The silver ions cause functions in the bacteria to break down, stopping their reproduction and therefore inhibiting bacterial growth.

“Comark impregnates the BioCote antimicrobial Protection into the plastic used for instrument cases and other components during the moulding process and applies it to surfaces of labels and keypads. The agent lasts throughout the life of the instrument as an extra defence against the risk of the spread of potentially harmful organisms.”

Although BioCote inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on the instrument or probe handle, it does not protect individuals against such harmful organisms or remove the need to maintain the highest standards of personal and product hygiene and cleanliness.

Why We Chose BioCote

  • BioCote Antimicrobial Protection does not affect the aesthetics of our products
  • The protection has no negative impact on performance
  • The protection does not wear off or wash away
  • The protection does not leach from the surface of treated products
  • BioCote trials conducted recently at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park Restaurant showed that using a Comark Thermometer with BioCote® achieved an average reduction in surface microbe levels of 92.73% compared to an untreated product used in exactly the same way
  • BioCote antimicrobial agent added to equipment at risk provides an important second line of defence to support existing hygiene procedures and reduces the risk of spreading harmful micro-organisms
  • BioCote protection is increasingly accepted as part of HACCP, due diligence and health and safety procedures in the continuing fight against infectious agents
  • BioCote Ltd has a rigorous validation and quality control programme with all testing conducted by independent laboratories to ensure the anti-microbial performance of all products
  • BioCote active ingredients are registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • BioCote is certified by HACCP International