Digital Temperature Probe With Boot

Part No: 400YB (5100020)

The 400YB Digital Temperature Probe with Boot is slim and lightweight, making it perfect for slipping into your pocket between use. The 400YB has a 1.5mm thin tip for less destructive probing and a fast response.

  • Range -58°F to 400°F, -50°C to 200°C
  • Thin Tip Probe: 1.5mm
  • High Accuracy ±2°F /1°C
  • Water Resistant

The 400YB Digital Temperature Probe with Boot is also easy-to-read, thanks to a large digit LCD display making it perfect, easy-to-use thermometer for quick food checks in a busy kitchen.

The Digital Temperature Probe features a handy ‘Data Hold’ function which enables you to hold the digital reading on the screen while you make note of the measurement.

The 400YB Digital Temperature Probe is field calibratable, and the temperature scales are also switchable between Fahrenheit and Centigrade measurement.

The 400YB is also water-resistant, perfect for kitchen environments and will auto switch off to conserve battery life.

  • Field Calibratable
  • Data Hold Function
  • Auto Switch-Off
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Rubber Boot to protect when dropped.
  • NSF Listed
  • Temperature Measurement Range -58°F to 400°F / -50°C to 200°C
  • Accurate to ±2°F / ±1°C -4°F to +176°F / -20°C to 80°C
  • 1.5mm Thin Tip Probe
  • Water Resistant

The 400YB Digital Temperature Probe is a basic reduced (thin) tip thermometer with a 5″ (127mm) long stem and a 0.6″ (1.5mm) diameter thin tip, making it suitable for probing thinner foods.

This Pocket Digital Thermometer includes a protective case with pocket clip and a battery.

Field Calibration

  1. The 400YB should only be calibrated in a slush ice solution (60% crushed ice and 40% tap water) or a water bath. We do not recommend calibrating via any other method
  2. Immerse the stem of the temperature probe into the slush ice solution, to at least half its length
  3. Wait for a few seconds for the reading to stabilize (usually ±2° of 32°F or ±1° of 0°C)
  4. Press and hold the ‘CAL’ button for 8 seconds to commence calibration
  5. The word ‘CAL’ will be displayed on the LCD for a couple of seconds to mark that the calibration to 0°C / 32°F is completed
  6. Remove the thermometer from the slush ice solution and continue to take measurements

Note: ‘CAL’ will display if the ‘CAL/D-H’ button is pressed for 8 seconds, however the temperature probe will not be re-calibrated unless the tip is inserted into a slush ice solution.

Switching Scales

The 400YB Digital Temperature Probe with Boot can be switched between the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales.

To switch the scale, ensure that the thermometer is first turned off, then press and hold the ON/OFF button until the desired scale is shown on the display, then release.

Note: This is the same procedure for any Comark Pocket Digital Thermometer that does not have a dedicated scale switch button.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range-58°F to 400°F / -50°C to 200°C
Scales°F and °C
Accuracy±2°F / ±1°C -4°F to +176°F / -20°C to 80°C
Stem Length5" / 127mm
Probe Tip Diameter1.5mm
CertificationNSF Listed
Battery Type1.5 V Button Cell battery (Part no. AB13; LR44)
Conformance to EU Regulation 1935/2004 ('Framework' Regulation on all Food Contact Materials)Yes
Stem (Shaft) MaterialSUS304 Stainless Steel
Warranty1 Year Limited

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