Comark Instruments Launches New Line of WiFi Data Loggers

Comark Instruments launched a new line of Data Loggers with WiFi compatibility and a wide variety of new features, including dual channel systems and probe attachments, improving upon the already wide range of data monitoring solutions offered.

“Comark’s new WiFi Data Loggers take the guesswork out of data monitoring and temperature measurement,” says Michael Hall, Product-Marketing Director for Comark Instruments. “Each model offers upgraded, tailored features suited to fit the needs of any food service professional.”

“Diligence WiFi Data Loggers from Comark provide an easy way to organize temperature data,” says Lika Dutta, General Manager for Comark Instruments. “But most importantly, it provides critical visibility of food safety compliance for any organization in the food service industry.”

Each model in the new line of Data Loggers released includes an LCD display featuring minimum and maximum readings and indicators for battery, alarms, WiFi connection and signal strength. Additionally, all Loggers feature a Plug & Play installation using an existing WiFi Network to simplify the data storage process.

The new Data Logger models include:

  • WiFi Dual Channel Data Logger with Thermistor Probes
    • Dual channel system that can measure two temperature points with a single unit
    • Improved battery life and accuracy
    • Higher resolution screen and ‘g’ WiFi compatibility
  • WiFi Dual Channel Data Logger with Thermocouple Sensors
    • New LCD with improved resolution
    • ‘g’ WiFi compatibility

Comark has also upgraded the existing line of data loggers with a wide array of new and improved features, including:

  • ‘BGN’ WiFi compatibility, which improves network speeds
  • New LCD and a segment battery indicator that automatically shows the battery’s charge
  • Improved display resolution, featuring:
    • RF313-TH WiFi Temperature and Humidity Data Logger now shows temperature to 0.1°C & 0.1°F.
    • RF314-TC WiFi Temperature Data Logger with Thermocouple Probe now shows temperature to 0.1°C more than 1000°C and less than -100°C