Data Loggers

What is a data logger?

Comark have a range of data loggers; compact, electronic instruments that record measurements at set intervals over a fixed or unlimited period. Depending on your requirement, data loggers range from models that can be downloaded after a single trip or more sophisticated wireless devices that can be left in place continuously. Your application will dictate which model you choose as the requirements for measuring a consignment in transport is very different to the continuous monitoring of storage areas in food and healthcare applications. A data logger may be a single unit, stand-alone device with internal sensors that can be downloaded manually, through to high-tech, wireless instruments with internal plus one or more external sensors. The basic explanation is that a data logger is a device with a sensor to measure something and a computer chip to store it prior to … Read more

Temperature Mapping for temperature controlled storage

4 Steps to Temperature Mapping

Why Map? Temperature mapping, or thermal mapping as it is also known, provides food and pharmaceutical companies with the confidence that their storage conditions comply with regulatory requirements.  Even minor fluctuations in temperature could lead to product safety and compliance issues meaning that costly inventory is lost. Periodic temperature mapping of storage conditions is critical for compliance in MHRA or FDA regulated applications.  Compliance means there is increased emphasis on the need to perform GMP mapping on temperature controlled storage where drugs, vaccines and other pharmaceutical products are stored and it can be a requirement for licencing a product. When to Map The temperature mapping of storage areas should be carried out before the storage area is used.  In fact, GDP Guidelines Chapter 3.2.1 quote: “An initial temperature mapping exercise should be carried out on the storage area before use, … Read more