Kitchen Clock and Timer

Part No: UTL882 (3061050)

£10.20 (ex. VAT)

The UTL882 Kitchen Clock and Timer has a magnetic pocket clip and stand and has a 24 hour countdown timer, memory timer and clock that operate separately.

  • Magnetic Pocket Clip and Stand
  • Countdown Timer, Memory Timer and Clock
  • Battery Included (AB13)
  • Warranty: 1 Year


UTL882 Kitchen Clock and Timer

Kitchen Clock and Timer

The UTL882 Kitchen Clock and Timer features a magnet, pocket clip and stand. It has a countdown capacity of 24 Hours. The ‘memory’ timer also allows you to store a pre-set time. Count-up in one second resolution up to 24 Hours. Battery included (AB13).

All three functions, clock, timer and countdown, can operate simultaneously.

Technical Specifications

Battery TypeAB13 (Calculator Battery LR44)
FunctionsCountdown Timer, Memory timer and Clock
Memory Timer ResolutionDown to 1 Second
Warranty1 Year

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Articles / FAQs

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