The New Online Portal by Comark Instruments Centralises Compliance, Product and Record-Keeping Strategies

A new Online Portal makes it easier for organisations to ensure their operations remain fully compliant with key temperature and humidity monitoring regulations. Comark is the world’s leading expert in temperature monitoring for the food, healthcare and other sectors, globally supplying more than 1 million precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless monitoring instruments each year.

Due to its scale and reach, Comark is well positioned to link the global market into a unified portal that streamlines important industry information and product resources.

“All of our temperature and humidity monitoring products and solutions are designed for high accuracy and efficiency, both of which are crucial components for the food, healthcare, life sciences, laboratory and other sectors we serve,” says Comark Director Product Marketing Mick Hall. “Unifying product and other information into a user-friendly portal is an extension of our commitment to helping a variety of organisations remain compliant – so they can focus on delivering their core missions.”

Users visit Portal Registration to set up login credentials and access the Online Portal. Once inside, users can personalise their experience to find the wealth of valuable, relevant resources in one consolidated location, including:

  • Access to Comark’s RF300 Cloud Application, which continuously monitors environments for temperature and humidity levels, captures historical data and supports HACCP compliance strategies
  • UKAS Certification documentation digital storage
  • Online certification visibility and printable certificates
  • Timely alerts for renewal requirements
  •  Registration to receive calibration update reminders
  •  Full Comark product information, including manuals, quick start guides, datasheets and images
  •  Firmware and software downloads and upgrades
  •  Technical information, including specifications, FAQs and knowledge base articles
  •  Online videos and how-to workshops

Other resources will continuously be added to keep the portal up-to-date with the most recent industry and product information. For more information about Comark and its products, visit