Serving Up Listeria-Free Meals with Comark Instruments

Listeria is one of the many food-borne illnesses inundating the current food-safety landscape. From one recall to the next, listeria is making headlines left, right and center. And maintaining proper food-safety technique and standards is the key to eliminating it from your diet.

A bacterium found naturally in many places, including soil, water and animals like poultry and cattle, as well as raw milk and its byproducts, listeria can cause the listeriosis infection. According to the CDC, the infection typically affects older adults, pregnant women, newborns and adults with weakened immune systems.

Listeriosis commonly presents itself with fever, stiff neck, confusion, weakness and vomiting. Symptoms may continue for days to weeks, and can take up to 70 days before presentation. Pregnant women are especially at risk as the infection may lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery or infection of the newborn, according to the CDC.

Many precautions can be taken to prevent infection, including avoiding foods with unpasteurized milk, rinsing raw produce, separating uncooked meats and poultry from other foods to avoid cross-contamination and cooking raw meats, poultry or fish to a safe temperature.

While some food safety standards may seem overwhelming, Comark offers several food thermometers to ensure the safety of you and your dinner guests.

The Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer is the perfect entry-level thermometer for chefs and home users alike. The pen-style thermometer is slim and easy-to-use, and includes a case for transportation and safe storage.

And for the busiest kitchens, the Food Pro Infrared Thermometer is great for taking measurements, free from contact, which reduces product wastage and the chance of cross-contamination. Its LED warnings also prompt the user of any HACCP temperature danger zones.

Whether your kitchen is serving the masses or a much smaller sect, Comark has the food thermometer that will keep it safe from food borne illnesses like Listeria. Click here to find the right food thermometer for you.