What is a Thermocouple

What is a Thermocouple?

What is a Thermocouple? A type of sensor that is used to measure temperature Two wires of different metals connected together A thermometer that uses a thermocouple sensor   The Thermocouple itself is made by welding two dissimilar metal wires together, which form the point of measurement. The wires are then insulated from each other along their lengths and terminated with a connector for connection to a meter, or in our case a Hand-Held Thermometer. As the two metals in the Thermocouple are heated or cooled, they produce a very small, but measurable Voltage. Imagine this as a moving needle on an analogue meter: Movement to the left means the temperature is falling (colder) Movement to the right means the temperature is rising (hotter) The Thermometer measures this voltage, performs a calculation to correct for ambient temperature and then uses … Read more