Oven thermometer to check cooking temperature

Choosing an Oven Thermometer

An Overview of Oven Thermometers There are two main types of oven thermometer. Pre-installed oven thermometers, as the name suggests are built into an oven and, in most cases have a temperature display on the outside control surface of the oven. A stand-alone oven thermometer is bought separately and placed in the oven. These standalone devices come in many different shapes and sizes. Take a look a sample of suitable Comark thermometers here. Oven thermometers work on what is known as “point principle” They take a reading from a particular part of the oven. They are positioned and calibrated to give an accurate reading of the cooking temperature of the oven. This is an important distinction. The heating element, oven walls and oven door might all have slightly different temperatures that vary up and down from the cooking temperature. Therefore, … Read more