Flexible Wire Air Probe (1m Lead)

Part No: AT26L (3058649)

£15.76 (ex. VAT)

The AT26L Flexible Wire Air Probe is fitted with a Type T Thermocouple Sensor and 6-pin Lumberg Connector with locking screw.

  • Temperature Range: -100 to +250°C / -148 to +482°F
  • Sensor Type: Type T Thermocouple
  • Connector Type: 6-Pin Lumberg
  • Warranty: 6 Months


AT26L Flexible Wire Air Probe

Flexible Wire Air Probe

The AT26L Flexible Wire Air Probe is fitted with a Type T Thermocouple Sensor.




The AT26L Flexible Wire Air Probe is fitted with a 6-Pin Lumberg connector with locking screw, to provide a strong and secure probe-to-instrument connection with better prevention of liquid ingress.

Not suitable for intrinsically safe applications


Technical Specifications

Sensor TypeType T Thermocouple
Connector Type6-Pin Lumberg
Temperature Measurement Range-100°C to 250°C / -148°F to 482°F
Response Time2.0 seconds
Lead Length1.0m
Lead MaterialPTFE
ComplianceThermocouples: Tolerances relate to BS EN60584-2 (1993) Class 1
Warranty6 Months

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