Comark Instruments Keeps Your Holiday Salmonella-Free

Year after year, salmonella leads to approximately one million illnesses in the United States, according to the CDC. While the average person recovers within four to seven days, approximately 2,500 are hospitalized each year in the UK, according to In the U.S., 19,000 are hospitalized in and nearly 400 people die annually from the infection. Elderly, children under five and people with compromised immune systems are more likely to have a more severe infection.

While salmonella infections have decreased by 10 percent, according to the CDC, taking the proper precautions is still imperative to keeping you and your family safe throughout the holiday season. In a time where the kitchen is busier than ever, and we are busting at the seams (literally) with turkey, roast beef and countless delicious sides, maintaining proper food safety standards should remain top of mind.

While preparing raw poultry and meat, washing hands, kitchen work surfaces and utensils with soap and water will eliminate any bacteria that the meat may carry. Be sure to keep up with all sanitation standards, and don’t fall victim to the dangers of cross-contamination. Handling and consuming raw eggs is also a no-go, so steer clear of homemade Hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise or Caesar dressing – and hands off the raw cookie dough. Tempting as it may be, save your splurge for the baked version – and leave some for Santa.

As your tenderloin or turkey cooks in the oven, keep tabs on its progress with the Pocketherm from Comark. The portable design enables you to pack it with you while traveling, and its simple display system allows you to gauge the status of your meat. Whether it’s frozen, chilled or cooked, the Pocketherm’s LEDs indicate temperatures within HACCP limits and all food regulations. By ensuring that the meat or poultry has reached the recommended temperature, you are drastically reducing the risk of food borne illness, like Salmonella.

No one wants to get sick over the holidays, so for more information about food safety tips contact us.