RF500A QSG – Gateway Change My Password for Comark RF500A Issue M9

Change My Password

Change My Password allows the logged on user to change his/her password in the event that it is about to expire or as per company policy on changing passwords frequently.

Log on to the Gateway, and select ‘myusername’ and click on “Change My Password” to display this dialogue….

ChangeMyPassword  Figure 1 – Change My Password

To change your password enter the old password, followed by the new password, and then verify the new password.

When entering a new password please be aware of the Password Format, see below.

The Gateway will not validate that an entered password is strong, this check must be performed by the person entering it.

To save and exit, click

To exit without saving click 

Password Format

When choosing a password the Gateway enforces a minimum password length of 6-31 characters and allows a maximum of 31 characters. These characters can be any mixture of the following:

Alpha-numeric                     A-Z, a-z or 0-9 and space
Special characters               ! @ $ % * ( ) – _ ‘ full stop

This scheme allows companies that require the use of strong passwords to implement them.