My Auditor (N5001USB) says ‘Watchdog Reset’

A watchdog reset can happen for legitimate reasons, however if it happens all the time on an Auditor or the Auditor becomes unusable as a result of constant watchdog resets then this could be indicative or other problems.

Check to make sure that the Auditor program on the Software has not been altered. It is very common for users to make changes to the program accidentally, and then save them to the handset. Thus it is possible that the program has been changed. If you are unsure then load a fresh copy of the program from your saved files, and re-save as an Auditor Group Program. Re-connect the Auditor, confirm download of the new program and check to see that watchdog reset is no longer happening.

If you can confirm that the Auditor program is correct and as you expect, then we urge you to make contact us, advising us of this problem.