My Auditor (N5001USB) display is reversed or corrupted

In the unlikely event that the display is corrupted with bad or missing characters it should, at the next refresh, sort itself out. The display refreshes every few seconds.

If it does not reset, then perform a ‘soft reset’ of the Auditor by removing the battery and re-fitting it after waiting a few seconds.

If that does not work, connect the Auditor to the PC and let the readings download. Then remove the battery and perform a ‘hard reset’; Remove one of the cells from the back of the instrument. Before refitting the last cell press and hold both the UP and DOWN arrow keys together and simultaneously press the last cell into place. If all is well the instrument should come back to life (the screen will show a horizontal line followed by a small box).



It will need to be reconnected to the PC, and “Communication” started to complete the reset.

If still not working, then a firmware “clear and reload” will be necessary. With the N5001/Auditor connected to the PC, open the software and select “Help > Update Logger Firmware”. Answer the subsequent questions to start the update. If the update starts and starts counting “percents”, allow it to complete the update before detaching the Auditor. If it does not start counting “percents”, simply dislodge a battery and pop it back in quickly. This should charge the Auditor board to take the firmware update, and you should see the “percents” start counting up. If all of this fails to correct the issue, arrangements should be made to send the instrument back to Comark for investigation.