How do I perform a Task and Data Retrieve?

A ‘Task and Data Retrieve’ command is usually requested when there is a reason for a GAP to have appeared in the Data. This can be as a result of re-building your Gateway from a recent Manual Backup, for example.

The ‘Task and Data Retrieve’ command will attempt to recover all data from the Transmitter, including Task information and all alarms occurring for the period in question. Please note however, that during the retrieve process all historic alarms will re-occur on the Gateway and will need to be acknowledged in the normal way. It is therefore recommended that you inform other users that Alarm E-mails will be resent during the process.

The process itself can take several hours to complete, depending on the amount of data being retrieved, however the Transmitter will continue to log normally during this period, but new alarms will not be sent until the old data is up to date.

Once the process is complete you will have a ‘Retrieved Task’ on your Gateway in the Transmitter Task History and the data pertaining to that Task. A new data period will be started when all the data has been recovered.

To complete the Task and Data Retrieve navigate to the Transmitter Summary from the Home Page and click on the Serial No, top right hand corner of the screen. Then click Edit. From there tick the the box ‘Retrieve Task & Data’, enter your password into the box in the top bar and click Edit to finish.

Note: When completing Task and Data Retrieve it is important to be congnisant of the number of transmitters and also the relative mix of Meshing Transmitters vs Battery Only Transmitters. In either case though, it is important to start with the meshing units as these are always on and while they are completing their Task and Data Retrieve the responsiveness of the whole system can be compromised. So, identify the Meshing units and complete Task and Data Retrieve on these first. During this process the other Transmitters in the system will continue to log normally. When the meshing units are complete then you can start to batch up the rest of the battery only units. Irrespective of the remaining number of transmitters it is advised to complete the process Location by Location and if more than 5 transmitters in any single location, only complete the task on 5 at a time. if in any doubt contact technical support for advice’