How do I change the battery in my Transmitter?

The following information describes how to change the battery of your RF51x Transmitter.

Battery Change Procedure

The Transmitter latches any low battery condition and must be powered off fully for it to clear. You will need to wait for the display to go completely blank, in order to ensure that the low battery status has cleared. To replace the battery:

  • Disconnect all plugs from the Transmitter and remove it from its mounting bracket by sliding it upwards.
  • Locate the battery cover on the underside of the unit and using a screwdriver undo the two retaining screws, then remove the battery cover.


  • Remove the exhausted battery and wait a few seconds for the display to clear completely.
  • Replace the battery with a fresh (new) one, ensuring the polarity is correct and taking care to snap the new battery in cleanly, without making and breaking the contacts repeatedly.
  • Replace the battery cover and do up the two screws, taking care not to over-tighten them.
  • Observe any local restrictions on disposal of the used battery cell.

Note: All RF51x Transmitters are fitted with a high power 3.6V primary lithium-thionyl chloride C-size cell as standard.


Manufacturer part number: Saft LSH14 LIGHT or Saft LS26500

The Saft LS26500 battery can only be used in Transmitters manufactured after April 2009. The date-of-manufacture is encoded in the serial number of each unit. The serial number has the format MMYYxxxx where MM represents the 2-digit month and YY represents the 2-digit year in which the transmitter was manufactured. Only use Saft LSH14 LIGHT (Comark Instruments part number # RFBATT) or Saft LS26500 as replacement battery cells.