Regularly check your refrigerator, fridge or freezer

The truth about your refrigerator and freezer

Have you heard any of these snippets of advice about refrigerators and freezers? A refrigerators is more cost efficient when it’s full. Your refrigerator is much warmer at the top and colder at the bottom. When the seal on your refrigerator begins to decay you should replace the appliance. Which of these are true and how should you use your appliance to get the best, safest and most cost-effective performance? Let’s take a look. A refrigerator is more cost effective when it is full This commonly held view comes from one of two ideas. The first is that the air inside your appliance needs to be cooled by the compressor to attain the correct temperature. The more air, the more the compressor needs to work. Alternatively, that, solid objects, once cooled to the correct temperature take longer to warm up … Read more