Product Training and Customer Account

Can I get Training for my Product?

To request Product Training please Click Here for information on how to Contact Comark or your local Comark Reseller.

Knowledgebase Articles and How-To Videos

Comark has provided many Knowledgebase Articles for Comark Products on all manner of subjects, from help with RF500 Error Codes to care for your Comark Thermometer. To find Knowledgebase Articles for your product, simply navigate to the product or use the search function, found in the top right-hand section of any page.  Visit the ‘Support’ tab on the relevant Product page for the available Knowledgebase Articles and How-To-Videos specific to that device..

Note: In order to gain access to the Knowledgebase Articles you must have a Comark Website Account. Click Here to sign up.

Our Technical Team are here to help you with any Support/Technical Questions

To send an e-mail question to our Technical Support Team please Contact Us.

Via Phone/E-Mail/Letter or Telephone

Please click here for the Contact Us information.

Why do I need a Comark Website Account?

At Comark our Customers come first. The website has been developed to help our Customers with providing information about our products and services. However, there are some Services which can either be bespoke or unique to a Customer. By having a Website Account Comark is able to provide the following:

  • Access to Knowledgebase Articles and How-To Videos
  • RF500 Calibration Certificates – Historical Certificates as well as current
  • E-Commerce through our Online Shop (UK only)