WiFi Logger Power Supply

Part No: RF420PSU (5100047)

The RF420PSU WiFi Logger Power Supply is designed to provide permanent power to your RF400 WiFi Data Loggers.

  • Input 100-240VAC
  • Output 9V DC
  • Supplied with 4 interchangeable plugs (UK | US | EU | AU/NZ)
  • 1 Metre Cable

Designed for use with the RF400 Series WiFi Data Loggers, the RF420PSU WiFi Logger Power Supply is offered as an optional accessory for those that prefer to power their devices from the mains rather than rely on battery.

Whilst the RF411-T and RF413-TH WiFi Data Loggers are low power devices, that can operate on 4 standard AA Alkaline Cells, you may prefer a permanent power option, especially if you have an outlet/socket available.

The RF420PSU comes with regional plug adapters, allowing the WiFi Logger Power Supply to be operated in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

The WiFi Logger Power Supply comes with a proprietary connector on a 1 metre cable.

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