Type J Liquid Immersion Probe

Part No: ATT30 (3058726)

The ATT30 Type J Liquid Immersion Probe is ideal for applications involving the measurement of high temperature liquids up to +1400°F.

  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +1400°F (-40°C to +760°C)
  • Sensor Type: Type J Thermocouple
  • Connector Type: 2-Pin Sub-Miniature

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The ATT30 Type J Liquid Immersion Probe has an 8″ stainless steel probe and extended temperature range up to +1400°F (+760°C), making it ideal for applications involving the measurement of  high temperature liquids.

The ATT26 Type J Liquid Immersion Probe is designed for use with type J thermocouple thermometers (such as the DT33 Water Resistant Digital Temperature Tester) that are fitted with a 2-pin subminiature connector. This connector type allows for a quick and easy connection between probe and thermometer.

The probe has a lightweight handle and is equipped with a 4ft (1.2m) lead, which will allow you to keep your connected thermometer a safe distance away from the high temperature liquids being measured, whilst still being able to view the displayed temperature readings.

We would always recommend that high temperature liquids are probed with extreme caution and that suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn/used. Despite having a long shaft length, the probe requires time to respond and this should be factored in before attempting any measurement.

Technical Specifications

Sensor TypeType J Thermocouple
Connector Type2-Pin Sub-Miniature
Temperature Measurement Range-40°C to +760°C / -40°F to +1400°F
Stem Length8 in
Stem Diameter3.75 mm
Stem MaterialStainless Steel (304)
Lead Length4 ft (1.2 m)
Lead MaterialPVC
Warranty6 Months

Articles / FAQs

My Device is showing unrealistic temperature readings

My Device is showing unrealistic temperature readings

If you have set up your Device correctly, inserted a Sub-Miniature Connector Probe into your Device and taken a temperature reading, only to discover that the temperature recorded is vastly different to that which was expected, then it may be that the Probe Connector was in fact inserted incorrectly.

The Sub-Miniature Connector on all Comark Probes has two prongs, one slightly larger than the other. These prongs are also marked as positive (+) and negative (-) on the cable head itself, as shown below.


The prongs correspond to two similarly shaped slots on the Device, one slightly larger than the other.

In some cases, it may be possible to force the prongs of the Sub-Miniature Cable Connector in the wrong way around. If this is done then the symptoms would be as described above, recorded temperatures that are vastly different to those which were expected.


To resolve such an issue, simply unplug the Sub-Miniature Cable Connector, check the prong orientation and then re-insert.

  • Small Slot = Positive
  • Large Slot = Negative


4th June 2015