Replacement Battery for RF542

Part No: RF542BATT (4914155)

The RF542BATT* is the replacement lithium battery for the RF542 Remote Temperature Monitor.

  • Designed for RF542 Only
  • AA Type Li-SOCl2 Battery
  • User Replaceable


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Replacement Battery for RF542

The RF542BATT* is the replacement battery for RF542 Remote Temperature Monitors.



The RF542BATT* Replacement Battery cell is specifically designed for long term applications at a high performance.

*Part should be ordered as KX9733


Battery Change Process

To change the battery in your RF542 Remote Temperature Monitor simply follow the following steps:


  • Remove mains power from the RF542 Remote Temperature Monitor
  • Undo the battery cover and remove the AA battery
  • Wait for the screen to go off completely
  • Insert the new RF542BATT and re-fit the battery cover
  • Re-connect the mains power
  • The RF542 Remote Temperature Monitor should re-connect to the Gateway automatically
  • Dispose of the old battery safely


Technical Specifications

Battery TypeAA, Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery (Li-SOCl2)
Nominal Voltage3.6 V
Nominal Capacity2.2 Ah
Nominal Current2 mA
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current100 mA
Maximum Pulse Current Capability200 mA
Anode Surface Area14 cm²
Lithium Content0.65g
Operating Temperature Range-55°C to 85°C / -67°F to 185°F
Weight18 g
Volume8.0 cm²
Diameter (Max)14.5mm
Height (Max)50.5mm