N2015 Starter Kit

Part No: N2015STARTERKIT (3617873)

£190.93 (ex. VAT)

N2015 Starter Kit comprises an N2015 Multi-Parameter Data Logger, an ADP50 Adapter Cable and an N2000CRU Computer Docking Station.

Kit contains:

  • N2015 Multi-Parameter Data Logger
  • N2000CRU Computer Docking Station
  • ADP50 Adapter Cable

Warranty: Please refer to individual components

N2015 Multi-Parameter Data Logger

N2015 Starter Kit

The N2015STARTERKIT comprises an N2015 Multi-Parameter Data Logger, an ADP50 Adapter Cable and an N2000CRU Computer Docking Station.

N2015 Multi-Parameter Data Logger

The N2015 Multi-Parameter Data Logger is one of the most versatile instruments of the Diligence range, and is able to measure and record a range of properties. It is intended for use with PLC and other control systems with a range of sensor transmitters, the N2015 measures the industry standard of 4 to 20mA.

The ADP50 Adapter Cable allows you to connect N2015 Data Loggers to a third party sensor transmitter.

 N2000CRU Computer Docking Station

The N2000CRU Computer Docking Station is designed to work with the N2000 Diligence Series Data Loggers for syncing data between the device and your PC. It connects to your PC via a standard USB A-Type connector, and provides an Infrared (IR) link to Data Loggers placed in the cradle.

Please refer to the individual components listed above for more detailed information and specifications.

Upgraded EV Software (July 2016)

Comark is pleased to announce that its suite of Software for EVt2 and N2000 Series Data Loggers, has had a major overhaul and upgrade.

The interface has been redesigned and the software upgraded to be fully compliant with Microsoft Windows 10.

The new EV Software can be downloaded from either the ‘Support’ tab on this page, or the dedicated ‘Software’ download page. To download the software, you must have a Comark Website account.

There are two versions available EV Software and EV PRO Software for 21 CFR Applications*.

*Note: If you require the Professional version of the software and have not previously downloaded it from our website, please contact us and we’ll ensure you get the link to download it.

Technical Specifications

WarrantyPlease refer to individual components

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