Multi-Parameter 2-Way Adaptor Box

Part No: RF615B (5306391)

The Multi-Parameter 2-Way Adaptor Box is for use with Diligence 600 WiFi Multi-Parameter Transmitters and allows for up to TWO external transducers to be connected.

  • Compatible with voltage and current transducers
  • Optional PSU for 24V power to transducers
  • Connect up to TWO external transducers

Multi-Parameter 2-Way Adaptor Box

The Multi-Parameter 2-Way Adaptor Box is solely for use with the Diligence 600 WiFi Multi-Parameter Transmitter and allows for a wide range of parameters to be measured via external transducers, such as pressure, gas, flow, level, dissolved oxygen, CO2 and many more.

The RF15B Adaptor Box comes complete with integrated screw terminals to make the internal connections of your external transducers and power (if required) even easier.

For configurations requiring an additional power a 24V Power Supply is also available. The RF615B Adaptor Box includes connections for a 24V PSU to power your devices. Some transducers require a separate PSU and, in the case of 4-20mA Transducers, some are loop powered.

Technical Specifications

Connection TypeLumberg 6-Pin
Cable Length250mm
Load Resistances22222 ohms @ 10V
2222 ohms @ 1V
44.2 ohms @ 4/20mA
Warranty6 Months

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