KX7895 Special Probe – AT26L 1.5M Lead

Part No: KX7895 (4336150)

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The KX7895 Special Probe is a variant of the AT26L Flexible Wire Air Probe, which is fitted with a Type T Thermocouple Sensor, but with a 1.5M Lead instead of the standard 1m length.

  • Temperature Range: -100°C to 250°C / -148°F to 482°F
  • Sensor Type: Type T Thermocouple
  • Connector Type: 6-Pin Lumberg
  • Warranty: 6 Months


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KX7895 Special Probe – AT26L 1.5M Lead
KX7895 Special Probe – AT26L 1.5M LeadLumberg 6-Pin Connector

KX7895 Special Probe – AT26L 1.5M Lead

The KX7895 Special Probe is a variant of the AT26L Flexible Wire Air Probe, which is fitted with a Type T Thermocouple Sensor, but with a 1.5M Lead instead of the standard 1m length.

KX7895 Special Probe



The KX7895 Special Probe is fitted with a 6-Pin Lumberg connector with locking screw, to provide a strong and secure probe-to-instrument connection with better prevention of liquid ingress.

Not suitable for intrinsically safe applications

About Special Probes

A ‘Special’ Probe is typically a variation on a standard probe where a Comark customer has at some point requested a change. Typically this is a change of lead length, to suit a particular application, or different lead type, straight instead of curly for example. ‘Special’ Probes are created where we do not offer the choice within the standard probe variants. All ‘Special’ Probes have a part number which is prefixed with ‘KX’, hence often being referred to as ‘KX’ Probes. 

Comark has created many thousands of ‘KX’ Probes to date so we’ve taken the decision to make some of the more popular ones available to purchase online.

‘KX’ Probes are typically manufactured to order and as such, incur additional costs during production. As a result there is typically an increase in the purchase price for single probes over the standard variant. Normally we can reduce the price if you wish to order five or more ‘KX’ Probes – please contact us for more details. Some ‘KX’ Probes may be in stock, but typically we say that time to delivery from order can be up to 4 weeks. Returns are generally only accepted for manufacturing defects.

Can’t find your ‘KX’  Probe online? Contact us and we will either get it added, if it already exists, or quote you accordingly.

Technical Specifications

Sensor TypeType T Thermocouple
Connector Type6-Pin Lumberg
Temperature Measurement Range-100°C to 250°C / -148°F to 482°F
Response Time2.0 seconds
Lead Length1.5m
Lead MaterialPTFE
ComplianceThermocouples: Tolerances relate to BS EN60584-2 (1993) Class 1
Warranty6 Months

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