KM330 Professional Caterers Kit

Part No: KM330/PC/KIT (3614200)

£118.94 (ex. VAT)

The KM330/PC/KIT KM330 Professional Caterers Kit contains a KM330 rugged Type K Thermocouple thermometer, Pro 1 Penetration and AK28M Flexible Wire Air Probe, Probe Wipes, Log Book and Carry Case.

  • Temperature Range: -50°C to +250°C / -58°F to +482°F*
  • Sub-Miniature Connector
  • Contains: KM330 Thermometer, Pro1 & AK28M Probes, Wipes, Log Book and Case
  • Warranty: Please refer to individual components
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KM330 Professional Caterers Kit

KM330 Professional Caterers Kit

The KM330/PC/KIT KM330 Professional Caterers Kit contains a KM330 rugged Type K Thermocouple thermometer, Pro 1 Penetration and AK28M Flexible Wire Air Probe, Probe Wipes, Log Book and Carry Case.

Features include:

  • Selectable 0.1°/1° resolution
  • Displays temperature in °C or °F
  • Maximum temperature memory, hold function to freeze displayed reading.
  • Protective slip-on boot with desk stand.
  • Sub-miniature connector

KM330 Industrial Thermometer is a single input thermometer with a wide range of applications. Users can select readings in °C of °F and high or standard resolution to suit their requirements. Hold and Max functions are provided, to freeze the last reading on the display and to record the maximum value.


KM330 Industrial Thermometer The KM330 Industrial Thermometer is a Type K thermocouple thermometer for checking temperatures in industrial applications such as heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration.
 Pro1 Penetration Probe

The Pro1 Probe is Type K Probe fitted with a 2-Pin Sub-Miniature connector, to provide a quick and easy connection to your device.

 AK28M Flexible Wire Air Probe The AK28M Flexible Wire Air Probe is a Type K Thermocouple Air Probe, with a total length of 1m.
 PW70T Thermometer Probe Wipes (70 Pack) The PW70T Thermometer Probe Wipes (70 Pack) is a pack of 70 anti-bacterial (bactericidal) thermometer probe wipes supplied in a small portable dispenser.
 TLOG2 HACCP Temperature Logbook The TLOG2 HACCP Log Book is ideal for manually recording all your temperature checks in line with HACCP procedures and other quality control systems. The HACCP Log Book is A6-sized for easy use.
 MC28 Blue Medium Size Case The MC33 Carrying Case for KM330/KM340 is a hard carrying case designed to hold either the KM330 Industrial Thermometer or the KM340 Industrial Thermometer. Use the MC33 Carrying Case to protect your equipment when not in use and keep it clean ready for use at any time.
*Refers to the temperature range of the Thermometer with Probe. For full range specification of the Thermometer please refer to the Technical Specifications Tab of the Thermometer.


Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range-50°C to +250°C / -58°F to +482°F*
Scales°C and °F
Resolution0.1°C or 0.1°F
Selectable 0.1/1° Resolution0.1 only up to 199.9°C
Accuracy @ 23°C (73°F)
±2, -1°C-50°C to 0°C
±4, -2°F-58°F to +32°F
±0.2% rdg + 1°C0°C to 1100°C
±0.2, -0.7% rdg ±1°C+1100°C to +1300°C
±0.2% rdg +2°F+32°F to 1999°F
Temperature coefficient including Cold Junction±0.01% rdg ±0.04°C per °C change from +23°C
Update Rate2.5 times per second
Ambient Operating Range0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 122°F
BatteryStandard 9V PP3 battery (NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22)
Battery Life200 hours typical with ALKALINE battery
Dimensions (Instrument)174xx(H) x 70mm(W) x 39mm(D)
WeightInstrument 210g / 7.4oz, Protective Boot 133g / 4.7oz
WarrantyPlease refer to individual components

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