Grill Thermometer

Part No: GT500K (3059628)

The GT500K Grill Thermometer is a quick responding, accurate and economical bi-metal thermometer designed to monitor grill surface temperatures.

  • Temperature Range 0° to +500°F
  • Easy-to-read bold numbers
  • Sturdy magenetic feet to hold thermometer securely in place
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited


Grill Thermometer

Points on the grill surface to be measured should be smooth and clean to ensure accurate readings by the GT500K Grill Thermometer. Allow up to 3 minutes for the sensor to become stable before any reading.


The GT500K Grill Thermometer is the perfect device for gauging the temperature across the surface of the grill and can be easily moved around to check for any hot and cold zones.


Grill Temperature

Making sure that your grill is at the optimum temperature in order to achieve the perfect browning or caramelization on the outside of your food, without overcooking on the inside is difficult without an accurate temperature gauge.

When the temperature of your grill is set too low, food will need a longer time in contact with the grill surface in order to start browning. This usually results in the eventual overcooking of the food in the center. Equally if the temperature of your grill is set too high, it will result in the surface of your food being overcooked or burnt, while the center of the food will generally be under-cooked.

Here’s our quick guide to temperatures:

  • Browning =  +310 to +320°F
  • Caramelization = +320 to +356°F
  • Rich Flavor Caramelization = +356 to +370°F

For perfect caramelization on the outside whilst ensuring your food is thoroughly cooked through internally, we would recommend a grill temperature of between +350 and +375°F.


Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range0°F to +500°F
Accuracy±1 Division
Warranty1 Year Limited

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