Diligence 600 Y Adaptor

Part No: RF602Y (5306378)

The Diligence 600 Y Adaptor has been designed for use with Diligence 600 WiFi Transmitters (RF612 and RF615) to extend their measuring capabilities.

  • 1 x Male, 2 x Female Lumberg Connectors
  • Allows for up to 4 External Probes (RF612)
  • Allows for up to 4 External Transducers (RF615)*

The Diligence 600 Y Adaptor is a secure product, that is flexible in terms of the range of probes that it supports. It is also highly focused on resolving some of the common pain points seen when installing multiple probes.

Expand the capabilities of your Diligence 600 WiFi Temperature Transmitter (RF612) from a single Lumberg probe directly connected to the transmitter. With the adaptor connected you could add:

  • Two single probes for TWO channels
  • A single channel probe and a duplex probe for THREE channels
  • Two duplex probes for FOUR channels

Add an additional Multi-Parameter 2-Way Adaptor Box (RF615B) to your Diligence 600 WiFi Multi-Parameter Transmitter (RF615) with the Diligence 600 Y Adaptor and increase support to up to FOUR external transducers.

Technical Specifications

Connector Type1 x Male (6-Pin) Lumberg to 2 x Female (6-Pin) Lumberg
Operating Temperature RangePlease refer to specifications of connected probes
Warranty6 Months