Kitchen Checks Bluetooth Pocketherm

Part No: BT250KC (4883915)

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The Kitchen Checks Bluetooth Pocketherm (BT250KC) is a fast and accurate Waterproof Bluetooth Thermometer. Designed for use in the kitchen and other food production areas, the Bluetooth Pocketherm thermometer transmits temperature data via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS phone or tablet with Comark Kitchen Checks App.

  • Temperature Range: -58°F to +482°F
  • Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Warranty 1 Year

Kitchen Checks Bluetooth Pocketherm

You can use our reliable Kitchen Checks Bluetooth Pocketherm with the Comark Kitchen Checks App to record temperature data and send it to your iOS or Android device. That means no more time-consuming paper records and quick access to your historical temperature data for analysis and auditing.

Use the Kitchen Checks Bluetooth Pocketherm (BT250KC) with the Comark Kitchen Checks App to manage all your HACCP temperature recording. It’s a simple way to automate data collection and eliminates the need for handwritten temperature records. Checklists within the app ensure procedures are followed correctly. Comark Kitchen Checks Dashboard allows the user to review that critical control checks have been undertaken and to assess the implications of any incidents outside of pre-set parameters. See any non-conformances from the cloud-based dashboard live so immediate corrective actions can be taken.

The Kitchen Checks Bluetooth Pocketherm (BT250KC) with Comark Kitchen Checks App is designed for use in the kitchen and other food production areas. The stainless steel probe with a fast-responding 1.5mm tip folds out to allow you to choose the best angle to take different temperatures at different points in the kitchen such as prep, cooking or cooling.

Comark specialize in paperless HACCP solutions that reduce the labor time and errors that can occur with manual recording systems. Two fundamental aspects of the HACCP food safety model are temperature control – to kill bacteria or prevent its growth – and Hygiene practices to detect or prevent contamination. Core food temperatures when cooking, reheating, cooling or holding are monitored with a Bluetooth probe and a tablet – no more handwritten records which reduces the risk of error.

*BT250KC refers to the bundled part of Bluetooth Thermometer with Kitchen Checks App

Comark Kitchen Checks App

The Comark Kitchen Checks App can be used in conjunction with the Comark Bluetooth Thermometers to record the temperature checks required by your HACCP system, including the Kitchen Checks Bluetooth Pocketherm (BT250KC) with its thin-tip fold-out probe, that can be angled to suit your application.

All records are automatically stored and easy to retrieve via the new Comark Kitchen Checks Dashboard. Forms are quick and easy to use so food preparation is not interrupted

Our online on-boarding process is also quick and easy to use so you can get setup in less than 1 hour.

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Technical Specifications

Sensor TypeType T Thermocouple
Temperature Measurement Range-58°F to +482°F
Scales°F Only
Displayed Resolution0.1°F
System Accuracy< +257°F, 0.3% ±1.35°F, > +257°F, 0.7% ±0.45°F
Response time (T99)5 seconds
Operating Temperature-4°F to +122°F
Storage Temperature-22°F to +128°F
Humidity10% to 90% non-condensing
Battery Type2 x User Replaceable Alkaline AA Cells (ANSI 15A IEC LR6)
Battery Life1000 hours
Enclosure RatingIP65
CertificationContains FCC ID:P14BLGOO
Auto Switch OffAfter 10 minutes
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth Ver 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)
Range10m typically
Dimensions (Case)170mm x 52mm x 24mm
Probe Length110mm
LEDConnection Status
Conformance to EU Regulation 1935/2004 ('Framework' Regulation on all Food Contact Materials)Yes
Stem (Shaft) Material316L Stainless Steel
Warranty2 Years

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