24V Power Supply

Part No: 18477 (3616817)

24V Power Supply with interchangeable mains plugs to suit your region. Designed to be used with compatible 2-Way Adaptor Boxes.

  • Output Voltage 24V DC
  • Interchangeable Mains Plugs
  • Output Current 660mA

24V Power Supply

This 24V Power Supply Unit (PSU) will ship with the connector end pre-fitted. It will remain the responsibility of the customer/installer to remove the connector end and then identify which wire is positive and which is negative.

Modified External Power Supply

In a modified state – end connector removed and positive/negative wires established – the output lead of the Power Supply Unit, can be used to provide power to our 2-way adaptor boxes (such as the RF515A), via the centre grommet on the bottom of the box, to ensure that adequate power is provided to any external transducers also connected.

An external power supply can be used to drive loop power (series connection) to a connected transducer in a two-wire format or can be used simply as a pass-through.

As an alternative the 24V Power Supply Unit can be used directly with the Transducer, bypassing the need to expressly use within a 2-way adaptor box altogether.

We would always encourage you to refer to the transducer manufacturers guidelines regarding power requirement, prior to acquiring (and especially modifying) any external power supply.

Some applications will not need an external PSU, such as in cases where an existing loop is just being measured.

Technical Specifications

Output Voltage24V DC
Output Current660mA
Mains Plug TypeUK, US, European, Australia
Input Voltage100 V ac, 110 V ac, 115 V ac, 120 V ac, 127 V ac, 220 V ac, 230 V ac, 240 V ac
Output ConnectorInterchangeable
Input ConnectorUniversal Plug
Power rating16W