WiFi Data Logger System

The Diligence WiFi Data Logger System comprises a range of WiFi Data Loggers coupled with Comark Cloud Software.

The WiFi Data Loggers monitor, measure and record temperatures in real-time and send this information via your WiFi network, to the Comark Cloud.  The Comark Cloud Software then allows you to securely store and access all of your important temperature records.

The Comark Cloud offers you unlimited storage of the Temperature and Humidity data from your Diligence WiFi Data Loggers, even across multiple locations. All of that data is then served up as web pages that you can view from anywhere, at any time, from any internet enabled device.


The Diligence Plug and Play WiFi System will also provide you with real-time audio and visual alerts via a local alarm module for immediate on-site action, as well as E-Mail and SMS alerts* for off-site notifications and action – Giving you peace of mind and allowing you to intervene and the earliest possible moment.

*via an email to SMS service such as Textmagic.com

The all new Diligence Plug and Play WiFi System featuring the Comark Cloud is the easy route to HACCP compliance reporting and quality assurance for your Food Service environment.

**Free Trial for limited period. Subscription fees apply after Free Trial period. Standard Subscription cost will be $3 per logger per month.

Cloud data storage from Comark

Comark Cloud

The Comark Cloud is effectively online storage, that is a simple way to store and access important temperature records, safe in the knowledge that they are saved in a secure location. If you have responsibility for food safety and currently collect data for HACCP compliance, Comark Cloud could be the solution for you.

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RF312-TP Diligence WiFi Temperature Data Logger with Thermistor Probe

WiFi Data Loggers

Diligence WiFi Data Loggers from Comark provide an easy way to collate temperature data automatically, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For any organisation involved in providing or serving food to the public, it provides critical visibility of food safety compliance.

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PK24M Standard Industrial Penetration Probe

Probes for RF300 WiFi Data Loggers

Thermocouple and Thermistor Probes designed for use with RF300 Diligence WiFi Data Loggers.

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Accessories for RF300 WiFi Data Loggers

A range of accessories designed to complement your Diligence WiFi Data Loggers.

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