How Wireless Monitoring Helps Your Food Business

Food businesses want total food safety assurance and this is where a wireless monitoring system for temperature can help.

When the heat is on in the kitchen, do you know what is happening in your temperature sensitive storage?

When it gets busy front of house, you want to know that your staff have time to perfect the customer experience.  With wireless monitoring in place, they can do so safe in the knowledge the necessary back of house temperature checks are taken 24/7.

The vital temperature records of cold and frozen storage areas, coolers, hot and cold holding stations are automated through a series of wireless data loggers that automatically and continually monitor temperatures to provide real-time data on storage conditions.

Automatic alerts can be set up via email or SMS notifications for when exceptions occur and temperatures fall outside of pre-set limits.  Whether you are monitoring hot or cold holding, refrigerators, freezers or cold rooms you’ll always have the temperature records you need for your audit process.

You’ll know if a door is left open and the temperature rises so corrective action can be taken before costly products are lost.  The data will help you identify where operational efficiencies could be made.  For example, if doors are left open too long not only are products at risk but it takes more energy to bring the temperature back down to safe food storage limits again.

Using associated software programs it is easy to interrogate the data to produce reports and identify strengths and weaknesses in your business.  What is more, data can be viewed on any web enabled device from anywhere in the world.

You’ll have the necessary information to hand for your HACCP plan and when environmental health officers and auditors visit.

Wireless monitoring can help you meet quality assurance standards and regulatory compliance when used within your food safety systems.  You’ll have immediate access to your temperature records.

There is a labor saving too as much of the paperwork can be eliminated freeing staff to concentrate on that all-important customer experience that builds your brand.

If you want to know more see Comark’s RF300 wireless monitoring range.